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Bawadi Dubailand

Bawadi will be the largest hotel complex in the world if once totally completed in Dubailand. This project will cost billions of dollars to become a reality. There will be central boulevard with space for 31 hotels comprising of 29,000 elegant rooms. One such was the Asia-Asia Hotel which would have been among the largest hotels in the world with more than 6,500 rooms. The hotels along the strip were designed to have various themes from Asian, various American countries, Middle Eastern, African, European, and universal. An example was the Wild Wild West Hotel with an American theme. The project estimated total cost was over USD 100 billion. The first residential development would have been 308 townhouses with a community center, centered around a retail area.

In addition, there will be also a construction of the longest hotel strip that entails development of 10 kilometer long boulevard which will have 51 hotels accounting for more than 60,000 rooms, 100 theatres, 1,500 restaurants and an array of entertainment, shopping and convention centers. Upon completion, the project will offer 40 million square feet of retail space.

This project will be done by stages and will house a series of entertainment centers, shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, and convention centers.

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