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The Sustainable City Dubailand

The Sustainable City is considered as one of the most unique developments in the region and the world because it will be the first Net Zero Energy city in Dubai as well as it meets and exceeds the International sustainability standards. There will be around 20,000 trees, 5000 square feet long canal and tourist minaret to view the city.

Along with many active and passive parks, t will integrate the urban agriculture to locally produce organic food and use electric powered sustainable transportation systems to move people around the city as well as this development is going to produce much of its own electric power with on-site Photovoltaic generation.

Lastly, the residents are not only considered landlords but also partners in the financial returns of commercial activities within the city. They play a vital role in creating a community where all can benefit from advantages of living in the city without wasting natural resources or being exposed to the risk of unnecessary financial expenses.

The facilities and amenities include the Solar farms, Biking track, Community park, Golf course, Retail shops, Landscaped gardens, Cafes and Restaurants.

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