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Swiss Tower Jumeirah Lake Towers

Swiss Tower skillfully incorporates the distinct characteristics of Switzerland into its visual presentation and space, an architectural form assembled in the light that’s unmistakably Swiss. Gracefully rising up to meet the sky over New Dubai, the Swiss Tower seamlessly integrates form and functionality. From its location on property Y3 in the eastern part of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, offers easy access to and from Sheikh Zayed Road. The property measures about 50m x 33m. The Swiss Tower is a rectangular structure with a concourse and promenade level. It consist of 40 floors including 2 utility floors and 3 underground levels, with base measurement of 42m x 33m extending up to a level of 160.60m. The above ground net gross area is approximately 43,500 sq. metres. On all four sides of this specially designed façade, the image of a Swiss landscape-lush green Alpine meadows and hills and the majestic snow covered Matterhorn against a blue sky – creates a visually breathtaking and lasting impression.

The Swiss Tower is complemented by a distinctively Swiss retail space on the ground floor. Behind the exterior façade, the core structure is designed at an incline, creating two triangular atriums. The clever use of interior landscaping and generous ‘air spaces’ formed by these atriums enable the Swiss theme to be carried through. The atria on the lower half of the tower features high sky gardens that lend sculptural depth to the building. The gardens are landscaped with full-grown evergreens, water and stone – all inspired by the Swiss outdoors. They create a unique backdrop where people can relax and soak up the ambiance.

While its stylish design creates a serene and tranquil working environment, state of the art technology and communications systems ensure that a workday ticks along with Swiss efficiency and precision. The flexible layout allows for up to six units per floor. All the offices enjoy amazing views of the surrounding lakes and landscaped areas. The full service commercial tower is ideal for progressive businesses looking to work in a productive environment and to create synergies between the Swiss community and businesses dealing with it.

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