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Meydan City Meydan City


Meydan City was a development project which was already launched in 2007 during the Dubai World Cup. It will cover more than 40,000,000 square feet on a land sized of around 15,000,000 square feet. It is expected to be completed last year but due to economic crisis, it was postponed to more than a year or more. It will comprise of hotels, sky bubble restaurant, entertainment, clubs, a concourse plaza, towers and a boat house.

The development includes the following: 60,000 capacity grandstand, horse racing and training tracks, stables and a series of other leisure facilities such as restaurants, the Meydan Museum and Gallery, an Imax Theatre and a golf course.

Chechout Azizi Meydan Development and latest updates.

In addition, Meydan City will also have a number of commercial space or offices of Dubai Racing Club and the Emirates Racing Authority, in which the the eastern end of the grandstand is the Meydan Marina linked to Dubai Creek that can accommodate more than 80 boats in particular.  

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