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Kamoon 1 Old Town


Kamoon 1 is one of the four apartment buildings which are located at The Old Town, Downtown Dubai. All of them are ranging low rise to a number of exclusive mid rise buildings with penthouses. In other words, this traditional structure is situated at the central location; for it is all about living both in comfort and style combined with modern technology including appliances. Then, the architectural elements of the project include the following: high ceilings, traditional motifs and symmetrical arches as well as the terraces, balconies, parapets, pergolas, recesses and niches are made for comfortable outdoor living; while the views are enhanced with elegant window and door openings. Then, it is directly connected to Burj Dubai Boulevard and has an easy access to Dubai Metro Station as well.

The Old Town has a good ambiance because of the operating souks, cafes, restaurants, and wayside stalls lining the pathways that attract both the leisure and business travelers.

Kamoon, in general, is the components of the phase 2 of the The Old Town low rise residential development. It offers a number of positive advantages to all residents, especially the opportunity to be part of the vibrant lifestyle in Downtown Dubai which is characterized by an array of leisure and entertainment amenities such as a BB zone, and Childrens playing area.

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