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Miska Old Town


A thriving, low rise neighborhood peppered with market squares, alleyways and inner courtyards. This village within the city with individual low-rise homes reveal flavors of a vibrant Arabic Tradition. A charming Arabian setting with bustling street life.

The Old Town The timeless charm of the Old Town Against the majestic backdrop of the rising Burj Dubai, come discover the perfect Ramadan setting. Experience the exotic ambience of ancient Arabia and the luxurious hospitality of the Old Town.

The Old Town is located adjacent to the Downtown Burj Dubai, many people consider both the locations the same, however the Old Town is officially the group of lower-rise buildings built in the traditional arabic style that surround the Downtown Burj Dubai lake and the Palace Hotel. Across the main Downtown Boulevard there are also many smart residential buildings that make up the Old Town. The Old Town Dubai is split into six different districts: Yansoon, Reehan, Miska, Zaafaran, Zanzabeel, or Kamoon. The buildings range from low-rise three storey apartment buildings to a number of exclusive mid-rise buildings with Penthouses.

Al Miska old town apartments known for their Luxury Arabic style and convenience being near the Dubai Financial city and sheik Zayed road makes it most popular for corporate travelers who have relocated to Dubai and looking for a home. Luxuriously furnished and highly decorated in earth tone Arabic theme, the apartment is fully equipped to ensure a relaxing stay.

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