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Smart Heights Tecom

Located at the center of a vibrant business community, The Smart Heights offers freehold smart office space in Technology and Media Free Zone (TECOM). In the advanced world of blue chip companies, target oriented deadlines and rising overheads, Smart Heights provides the smartest office space to ensure high returns and increased work efficiency in almost every area of business activities.

A freehold office space in a free zone is a smart investment. Owning an office at the core of technology and media free zone TECOM, it gives your business a competitive edge, reduces the overheads as well as amplifies productivity in particular. In addition, Smart Heights helps to create a perfect work space designed to utilize the best of time and efficiency.

It modern and inventive amenities are the following: Building Automation (BA) management system, energy management system, fiber optics grid, wireless ethernet for networking and an array of newest and updated technologies.  

With increasing demands of the commercial world, Smart Heights provides the industrial advantage in communication by taking your business to the very border of the technology. With business lounge, fully mechanized boardroom, desktop touch screens, lighting controllers, video conferencing, pop up projector and LCD display and a lot more, Smart Heights is the perfect office space at the perfect location.

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