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Oqyana Island The World Islands


Oqyana Island is primary comprises 20 reclaimed man-made islands extended over a total area of 1,869,021 square meters with a total upland islands’ area of 417,288 square meters. It is the most comfortable community, lying nearest to the mainland with the wonderful views of Dubai.

A retail center, a luxury hotel, a spa resort, restaurants and cafes, Oqyana Island it is first designed to support the most luxurious within a sanctuary of supreme standards. World-class brands, first class service, it is also the first and foremost a place to live, dine, relax and enjoy in superlative style.

Situated 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, the most wonderful destination created in The World islands. Oqyana is first fully master-designed best  island retreat that is located on the famed and much predictable manmade island. Oqyana the first and set to become the leading and one of the largest developments on The World, covering the countries of Australasia. Brilliantly modeled, Oqyana is bound to be a World First in architectural design and engineering enterprise.

Wonderful, modern and perfectfully-designed, Oqyana speaks a language of stature – a world of dominance in a place of perfection. Agreeable to be a one-of-a-kind experience, its the perfect  place to leave the world and focus on relaxation and retreat.

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