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Pangkor Laut The World Islands


Pangkor Laut is a 153,818 square meter complex that includes everlasting moments of relaxation, in an environment persistently celebrating easy living, vacationing and hospitality. Preferably holiday for family, fun and leisure time.

The Hotel and its attached villas are customized in modern fashion to meet a large array of taste. View of luxurious hotel that is surrounded by sumptuous villas are both pleasantly composed towards the Arabian Gulf as well as Marina.

Quite the opposite of the majority of spas today that focus on individual therapies, this one is designed to celebrate communal healing & treatment.

Here without doubt, water is the key element; it sculpts its way through the complex in a straight line towards the reception area and creates another ring of water in the core of the structure that provides the space of communal healing and medical ceremony.

Pankgor Laut Luxury Hotel

An exclusive hotel is waiting for you. Pamper yourself in a haven of highest lifestyle in the middle of the sea.

It provides you with an extended view both the sea and the marina wherever you are, stretching out onto the crystal blue sea and the clear sky.

Pangkor Laut development will contain 8 restaurants and bars.

Four of them in the hotel and residence premises and 3 in the entertainment complex which can accommodate more than 3,000 guests in 24/7 operation.

The unique under water night club will be one of the land marks in the Wolrd Islands.

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