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Independent Escrow

Provident Real Estate Broker and enTrust & Title Ltd have partnered up to offer transparent and secure transactions between Buyers and Sellers.

enTrust and Title is the first Escrow & Title Conveyance Services Company in Dubai, UAE. It is licensed and recognized by RERA and the Dubai Land Department.

The Company offers transparent, safe, easy and effective ways to facilitate the transfer of ownership. Its skilled resources with in-depth experience, instill, confidence, security and peace of mind to the enormous and sometimes intimidating task of buying and selling or renting/leasing real estate.

In response to the challenges of the real estate market, the Company’s process offers protection to the Buyer, Seller, Landlord and Tenants. The issues of legal ownership, authority to enter into contract, registration of deed, misrepresentation, financial disclosures, and non-availability of documents in time for a resale, are resolved when using the Company’s enTrusted Escrow Services.

The Company’s proprietary state of the art technology such as digital biometric authentication of all principals mitigates financial risks to the Buyer, Tenant or the Lender. The Company stands behind its quality of service by offering limited and renewable guarantees to ensure proper and complete transfer of Title at the close of transaction.

As an independent neutral third party, the Company works with Brokers, Agents, Attorneys, Developers and Lenders. Its services may be used for residential, commercial, retail real estate, or a business.

enTrust & Title is managed by executives with deep domain knowledge and over 23 years of experience in providing such services in California.