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Dubai Real Estate Seller Guide


Do you have a property in Dubai and looking to sell or lease it out? Then this is for you! If you’ve been mulling over the
idea of listing it for sale or lease,we are here to tell you an industry secret. To successfully list your property, there is a special mantra. The magic of the 3 P’s.

Allow me to elaborate. The 3 P’s stand for Presentation, Pricing and Promotion. Each playing a crucial part in making
your property stand out amidst the sea of little rows of properties on the portals. This will help you sell or rent it faster.


At Provident, we follow the 3 P’s of listing a property and it is a sure-shot way to get the best leads for your property.

While it may seem self-explanatory, presentation of your real estate asset has a few nuances to it. When you venture into listing it, a good presentation of your property is half the battle won! All you’d have to do is invest a little in the looks of the asset. It can be just a fresh coat or paint, minor repairment works, or even just new cushions to prop up on your furniture.

1. Paint: Get a paint job done on the property. It’ll liven it up, give it a newer, fresher feel and look.

2. Repair: Anything that seems a bit off, or broken or even chipped on the corners, get it repaired.

3. Clean: You can get professional cleaners to clean up your property, including even a deep clean. Remove all dust, dirt and clear out unkempt corners.

4. Create Space: Three words: declutter, depersonalise, decorate. Make it look inviting and ensure that it gives off a “wont you want to make memories in this home”.

5. Stage it: Remove personal items, spruce up the pretty cushions and lay out the best sheets you have, Water the plants, add flowers to make the property look more beautiful.



Getting the pricing right for your property is imperative. You don’t want to price it too high, and let it stew on the roster for months, you most definitely don’t want  to price it too low and miss out on the profits.

To get over this hassle, the best way to go about it, is to hire an agent who is informed, licensed and an expert in the area.


At Provident, we make sure that we go through the market trends and compare properties in the market to determine the best pricing strategy for your listing.


When we talk about promotions, we talk about how to best present your property such that it reaches most potential clients. That said here are the things that we do at Provident to ensure you get the maximum exposure.

Professional photoshoot:
Our professional photographers will take photos of your property.

The best portals:
We list your property on the most popular and biggest portals online.

Social media marketing:
We also ensure that your property gets social media exposure via posts and ads on social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


These are just some of the things you have to do when listing your property. But I have an easier way for you. Instead of going through all of these hassles, why not just hire an agency who does all of the above and more! Provident has an extensive team covering all the best strategies to position your property in the best possible way.

Our team of 70+ agents, speaking more than 25 languages, offer you a treasure trove of real estate knowledge to help you list your property and sell or lease it to get the best returns.

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