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Villas in Dubai

Dubai is known for its opulence and for being the epitome of luxury, beauty, and comfort. More than that, it is known for the lavish lifestyle it offers the residents of this beautiful city.

One of Dubai’s biggest industries is the real estate industry. It offers the most coveted homes to live in, be it apartments with views of the Burj Khalifa, townhouses within the perfect family communities or villas with private beaches.

Among the properties, the most-eyed property type is the villa in Dubai. These villas offer an unparalleled upscale lifestyle. Pair that with amenities and luxuries, one can only dream of, and you have got yourself a home that you would never want to leave.

The villas in Dubai are mostly located within communities that are popular and family-friendly. One can rent or buy villas in Dubai. You can also often buy plots for villas and design your own villas and its facades.

Villas in Dubai are available in various sizes and layouts. These are crafted by some of the best developers in the business and have interiors that are spacious and delectably designed. The price range for villas can vary depending on the area, size and amenities.

You can have villas that are water-front, like in the Palm Jumeirah. These villas come with private pools and are large, spacious places to live and enjoy the best of life. There are others too like in Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Creek Harbour and more.

Another popular villa type is a golf course villa. These villas are located within a golf course community with lush green surroundings and fairways. They overlook some of the championship golf courses in the city. You can choose from Dubai Hills Estate, Damac Hills, and Emirates Hills, to name a few.

These villas are mostly located within popular and coveted family-oriented communities, like Jumeirah Park, Serena, Arabian Ranches and more. There are amazing amenities that you cannot find in any other community.

You can choose from ready and off-plan villas. These villas are perfect for families and couples. They can accommodate large families too.  Many villas offer a nice garden or porch area, jacuzzis and gyms.

Villas for rent in Dubai are the hottest deals for short term rental. While studying the rental market in Dubai Real Estate a major fact has been revealed that there has been a huge gap between the demand and supply of rental villas, this fact itself claims that Dubai Villas is one of the most lucrative and high profit earning investments in real estate Dubai.

In the past few years Dubai has emerged as one of the top destinations of the world for tourists. This has enhanced the demand for short term rental accommodation. Thus, investors buying villas in Dubai to rent them out will enjoy the high rental yield in a shorter period of time.

Therefore, buying a villa or renting one in Dubai is one of the best decisions you can make. As an investor it is a sure shot way to earn good returns and high capital appreciation. If you are a tenant, a villa is the most idyllic place to live and make the best of the luxurious lifestyle that Dubai offers!