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Jumeirah is one of Dubai's oldest and most prestigious residential areas. Jumeirah's coastal location offers residents stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and direct access to sandy beaches, making it a favored spot for both locals and expatriates.

Jumeirah neighborhood of Dubai boasts a mix of modern and traditional architecture, with luxury villas and upscale apartments lining the streets. The area is home to a wide array of amenities, including high-end shopping destinations, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops.

The iconic Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah add to the locality's charm, offering luxury dining and entertainment options. Additionally, Jumeirah's central location within Dubai ensures easy access to the city's major business hubs and entertainment attractions, making it an ideal residential choice for those seeking a blend of tranquility and urban lifestyle.

Useful Information about Jumeirah Neighborhood

Jumeirah's close-knit community atmosphere, coupled with its cultural diversity, makes it a highly sought-after area for those seeking a high-quality life in the heart of Dubai. Residents enjoy access to pristine beaches, lush parks, and a plethora of dining and shopping options. The community embodies a blend of leisure and elegance, with activities ranging from watersports at the beach to socializing in chic cafes and exploring boutique shops.

The coastal residential area of Jumeirah is organized into sub-communities such as Jumeirah 1, 2, 3, City Walk, and Jumeirah Bay Islands. It featurvarious of property types including villas and apartments, distributed across these sub-regions. Jumeirah 1 offers a mix of villas and apartments, from studios to three-bedroom units, suitable for both renting and buying, making it ideal for families, expatriates, and singles. Key attractions like Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai Zoo, Jumeirah Mosque, and the beach are conveniently located nearby.

Jumeirah 2 primarily consists of villas and provides direct access to the Jumeirah Bay Islands and the urban Boxpark Mall. In contrast, Jumeirah 3 residents enjoy proximity to public and Kite Beaches, as well as Sunset Mall. City Walk, developed by Meraas in 2014, stands out for its extensive range of modern apartments from one to four bedrooms and sophisticated retail options. The area offers large, uniquely styled villas with private amenities including swimming pools and parking, catering to family life.

The luxurious Jumeirah Bay Islands by Meraas, shaped like a seahorse and connected by a 300m bridge to Jumeirah 2, features the Middle East’s first Bulgari Resort and Residences. This premium area includes 173 sea-facing apartments, 15 private mansions, and a marina and yacht club, with properties available for freehold purchase. Additionally, Jumeirah hosts several villa compounds like Wasl 51 and Arenco Villas 32, known for their comprehensive amenities and security, further enhancing the appeal of living in this prestigious Dubai neighborhood.

Off-Plan Properties in Jumeirah

Dubai's off-plan property scene continues to dazzle with prestigious developments like the Four Seasons Private Residences Dubai at Jumeirah. Priced starting at AED 19 million, this elite waterfront project promises unparalleled luxury and exclusive amenities along the Dubai Water Canal.

Meanwhile, Sur La Mer by Meraas, starting at AED 4.5 million, brings the charm of Italian coastal architecture to the heart of Jumeirah, offering lavish 3 to 5-bedroom townhouses.

Lastly, Lamtara 1 at Madinat Jumeirah Living by Dubai Holding, with prices beginning at AED 1.53 million, features a range of 1 to 4-bedroom apartments that provide scenic views and a tranquil living experience near the iconic Burj Al Arab. Each of these projects reflects Dubai's ambition to offer sophisticated living spaces in its most desirable neighborhoods.

Buying a Property in Jumeirah

Jumeirah apartments come with amenities like fully-equipped fitness centers, swimming pools, gardens, saunas, and Jacuzzis. For those looking for properties for sale in Jumeirah, studios are available for AED 776k, while 1-bedroom apartments start at AED 1.1M. Prices for 2-bedroom apartments begin at AED 1.5M, and the most opulent 5-bedroom flats can reach up to AED 9.5 M.
The market also features a selection of properties with strong investment potential. Jumeirah villas for sale are fewer in number and located in exclusive, beachfront areas. Buyers interested in 3 to 6-bedroom villas in Jumeirah will find prices starting around AED 4.5M for a 3-bedroom villa. 4-bedroom villas begin at AED 5M, while 5-bedroom properties begin at AED 7.5M.

Rental Properties in Jumeirah

Villas in the Jumeirah neighborhood of Dubai are available in both detached and semi-detached styles, with options ranging from 3 to 7 bedrooms. Many of these properties for rent in Jumeirah come with a private backyard and dedicated maid's quarters. Pricing starts at AED 90k annually for a 2-bedroom villa, while 3-bedroom villas in Jumeirah are priced at AED 105k per year. 4-bedroom villas are available for rent from AED 120k annually. More luxurious 5-bedroom villas are available for rent for a minimum of AED 160k per year, and the rent for a 6-bedroom villa can reach up to AED 550k annually in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Apartments in Dubai Jumeirah feature German hardwood flooring, kitchens with built-in cabinets, floor-to-ceiling windows, and storage rooms. They range from studios to 4-bedroom units. Studio apartments for rent are priced at AED 35k, while 1-bedroom units in Jumeirah start at AED 45k annually.

For those considering 2-bedroom apartments in Jumeirah, Dubai, the average annual rent is around AED 148k. Renting a 3-bedroom apartment will typically cost about AED 198k annually. A 4-bedroom apartment will require a budget of approximately AED 350k per year.

Additionally, there are penthouses available in 3 and 4-bedroom layouts, with rental prices starting from AED 130k annually.

Most Popular Sub-Communities in Jumeirah

Jumeirah's most popular sub-communities each offer distinct lifestyles and amenities that cater to a diverse resident base. Jumeirah 1 is renowned for its accessibility and variety, featuring a mix of old and new Dubai with both retail and residential spaces, including the beloved Mercato Shopping Mall and numerous beachfront dining options.

Jumeirah 2 provides a more tranquil setting with its exclusive villas and proximity to the serene Jumeirah Bay Islands. Jumeirah 3 offers family-friendly living with its spacious villas, good schools, and community parks, not to mention its quick access to some of Dubai's most beautiful beaches like Kite Beach.

Additionally, the City Walk area, though newer, has quickly become a favorite for its urban lifestyle, combining luxury apartment living with upscale shopping and dining. Each of these areas contributes to the unique and vibrant tapestry that is Jumeirah, making it one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential districts.

Jumeirah Area Guide | Provident Estate

Life in Jumeirah offers a blend of luxury, tranquility, and convenience, making it a highly desirable area for residents. The neighborhood is characterized by its beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and upscale amenities, providing a serene yet vibrant lifestyle. Residents enjoy access to a variety of recreational activities, top-notch dining options, and a strong sense of community. The area is also home to excellent schools and healthcare facilities, ensuring a comfortable living experience for families and professionals alike. With its strategic location, Jumeirah provides easy access to the rest of Dubai, making it an ideal place to live.

Public Transportation in Jumeirah

Public transportation in Jumeirah is well-developed, offering residents convenient options for commuting. The area is served by several bus routes that connect to major parts of Dubai, and the nearest metro stations, such as Business Bay and Noor Bank, are just a short drive away, typically around 10 to 15 minutes. Additionally, taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available, making it easy for residents to navigate the city without a personal vehicle. The public transportation network in Jumeirah ensures that residents can travel efficiently and comfortably.

Supermarkets in Jumeirah Dubai

Jumeirah boasts a variety of supermarkets to cater to the daily needs of its residents. Popular options include Spinneys and Waitrose, both offering a wide range of international and local products. These supermarkets are conveniently located, with most being within a 5 to 10-minute drive from any point in Jumeirah. Additionally, smaller grocery stores and specialty shops are scattered throughout the community, ensuring that residents have easy access to fresh produce, gourmet items, and household essentials.

Shopping Malls in and Near the Jumeirah Area

Jumeirah is surrounded by several shopping malls that offer a diverse retail experience. Mercato Shopping Mall is a popular mall in Jumeirah, with its unique Renaissance-style architecture and a variety of shops and dining options. Galleria is also among the popular Jumeirah malls.

A short 10-minute drive away is The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the world, featuring an extensive range of high-end stores, entertainment venues, and restaurants. Another nearby option is the Mall of the Emirates, around 15 minutes away by car, known for its luxury boutiques and indoor ski slopes. These shopping destinations provide residents with ample choices for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Schools and Nurseries in Jumeirah

Jumeirah is home to a variety of top-tier schools and nurseries, catering to families seeking quality education for their children. Prominent institutions include Jumeirah College, which offers British curriculum education and is just a 10-minute drive from most parts of Jumeirah. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, also within a 10-minute drive, provides excellent early years and primary education. For younger children, the prestigious Jumeirah International Nursery is conveniently located, ensuring a nurturing environment just a few minutes away. These educational institutions make Jumeirah an ideal location for families prioritizing high educational standards.

Churches, Temples, and Mosques in and Near Jumeirah

Jumeirah is well-equipped with places of worship for various faiths, reflecting Dubai's cultural diversity. The iconic Jumeirah Mosque, one of the most beautiful and accessible mosques in Dubai, is centrally located and within a 5-minute drive for Jumeirah residents. For the Christian community, St. Mary's Catholic Church and the Holy Trinity Church are about a 15-minute drive away in Oud Metha. Hindu residents can visit the Shiva and Krishna temples in Bur Dubai, approximately 20 minutes by car. These worship centers ensure that residents have access to religious services and communities.

Clinics and Hospitals Near Jumeirah Area

Healthcare in Jumeirah is easily accessible, with several clinics and hospitals providing top-quality medical services. The Jumeirah branch of Medcare Hospital is located within a 10-minute drive, offering comprehensive healthcare services. The Emirates Hospital, also just 10 minutes away by car, provides specialized treatments and emergency care. For everyday medical needs, residents can visit nearby clinics such as the Dubai London Clinic, ensuring prompt and efficient healthcare services. These facilities ensure that residents of Jumeirah have access to excellent medical care close to home.

Jumeirah Dubai Location & Nearby Areas

Jumeirah is strategically located along the coast of Dubai, offering easy access to both the city's bustling center and serene beachfront. It is approximately a 15-minute drive from Downtown Dubai, where iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall are situated. The Dubai International Airport is about a 20-minute drive away, providing convenient connectivity for international travel. Neighboring areas include the trendy City Walk and the upscale community of Al Wasl, both within a 10-minute drive. This prime location ensures that Jumeirah residents enjoy the best of both worlds: tranquil coastal living and proximity to Dubai's vibrant urban amenities.

Jumeirah Area Guide | Provident Estate

Jumeirah offers a wealth of activities for residents and visitors alike. Stroll along the scenic Jumeirah Beach, just a 5-minute drive from most parts of the neighborhood, or explore the stunning architecture of the Jumeirah Mosque. The area also hosts vibrant arts and cultural events at venues like the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC), which is a 15-minute drive away. For family fun, Wild Wadi Waterpark is a popular destination, located just 10 minutes by car. These diverse attractions ensure there's always something exciting to do in Jumeirah.

Jumeirah Restaurants & Bars

Jumeirah boasts a diverse culinary scene, featuring everything from fine dining to casual eateries. Enjoy gourmet meals at Pierchic, an overwater restaurant offering spectacular views, just a 10-minute drive away. For a more relaxed atmosphere, try the popular beachside Jumeirah restaurants in Dubai, like Bu Qtair, located within a 5-minute drive. Nightlife options include trendy bars like Mercury Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel, also about 10 minutes away by car. The variety of dining and nightlife options makes Jumeirah a gastronomic haven.

Beaches Near Jumeirah

The pristine beaches of Jumeirah are a major draw for residents and tourists. Jumeirah Beach, with its soft sands and clear waters, is only a 5-minute drive from most residential areas. Kite Beach, known for its vibrant atmosphere and water sports activities, is about 10 minutes away by car. For a more exclusive experience, visit the private beaches of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which are also easily accessible within a 10-minute drive. These beaches offer the perfect spots for relaxation and recreation.

Hotels In Jumeirah Dubai

Jumeirah is surrounded by some of Dubai's most luxurious hotels. The iconic Burj Al Arab, one of the top Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, is just a 10-minute drive away. Another Jumeirah hotel in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, offering stunning views and top-tier amenities, is also within a 10-minute drive. For those seeking a beachfront retreat, the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Dubai is an excellent choice, located around 5 minutes by car. These hotels provide exceptional hospitality and are conveniently located for both residents and visitors.

Attractions and Landmarks Near Jumeirah City Dubai

Jumeirah is close to several of Dubai's key attractions and landmarks. The Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, is approximately a 15-minute drive away. The Dubai Mall, renowned for its vast array of shops and entertainment options, is also 15 minutes by car. 
The Dubai Opera, a cultural hotspot, is located within a 15-minute drive as well. These landmarks offer a range of experiences from shopping and dining to cultural events, enhancing the appeal of living in Jumeirah.

Outdoor Activities, Salons, and Gyms

Jumeirah offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities and wellness. Residents can enjoy jogging or cycling along the scenic paths of Jumeirah Beach, which is just a 5-minute drive awaSeveralral well-equipped gyms in the area, such as Fitness Firsare t, located within a 10-minute drive. 
For relaxation and beauty treatments, high-end salons like Tips & Toes are conveniently situated about 5 minutes away by car. These amenities cater to a healthy and active lifestyle, making Jumeirah an ideal place for wellness enthusiasts.

One minor disadvantage of living in Jumeirah City Dubai is the potential for traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. As a highly desirable area with popular beaches, restaurants, and shopping destinations, the roads can become quite busy, leading to delays and longer commute times for residents.

What types of properties are available in Jumeirah? 

Jumeirah offers a diverse range of properties, including luxury villas, townhouses, and high-end apartments. The area is known for its spacious villas with private gardens and pools, as well as modern apartments with state-of-the-art amenities.

Are there good schools in Jumeirah? 

Yes, Jumeirah is home to several top-tier schools and nurseries. Notable institutions include Jumeirah College, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, and Jumeirah International Nursery, all of which provide excellent educational facilities for children of various ages.

What amenities are available to residents of Jumeirah? 

Residents of Jumeirah enjoy a wide array of amenities, including beautiful beaches, parks, fitness centers, shopping malls, and a variety of dining options. The area also has healthcare facilities, including clinics and hospitals, ensuring comprehensive services are close at hand.

How is the public transportation in Jumeirah? 

Jumeirah is well-served by public transportation, including several bus routes and nearby metro stations such as Business Bay and Noor Bank. Additionally, taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available, providing convenient and flexible commuting options for residents.

Here is the Jumeirah location map to further understand the neighborhood.

Jumeirah Area Guide | Provident Estate

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