about The World Islands

Characterized by its distinctive features, The World Islands Dubai is known for its beachside luxury and aesthetic appeal. The combination of unique architecture, quality construction, and natural elements creates a comfortable and attractive living environment for residents of the man-made island.

The World Islands is an artificial archipelago located in the Persian Gulf, just off the coast of Dubai. A project of Nakheel Properties, The World, was launched in 2003 and it features seven island clusters named after the seven continents. The clusters consist of a collection of 300 islands shaped like a world map.

Constructed using sand dredged from the sea, the community offers a diverse range of real estate options, including private residences like villas and mansions and commercial spaces, hotels, and resorts.

Useful Information about The World Islands

Encompassing a shoreline of approximately 232km, The World Islands Dubai boasts 300 islets named after countries, cities, regions, and notable figures. Ireland Island in Europe and Shanghai Island in Asia were the first islands Nakheel sold in 2007. The year 2009 saw Nakheel's announcement of the Coral Island Resort in the North American region. Another popular island in the community is Lebanon Island, known as the ‘daycation’ spot.

Moreover, Michael Schumacher Island Dubai is also part of the Dubai artificial island gifted to the renowned F1 racer. Germany Island, Central Europe/Main Europe, Sweden Island, St. Petersburg, Switzerland, and The Floating Venice were the six European islands acquired by the Kleindienst Group to create The Heart of Europe (THOE) project. 


With three development phases, the cluster of European-themed $5 billion projects is scheduled for completion in 2026. Some notable developments within THOE include Côte d’Azur 5 Star Resort, The Floating Seahorse, Sweden Palace, Portofino, Germany Villas, and The Floating Lido. Meanwhile, Clarence Island is home to the Thai-inspired luxury resort Anantara, providing guests with relaxing seaside days and charming al fresco dining experiences.

Ranging from 150,000 sq. ft. to 450,000 sq. ft., the sub-communities in The World Islands are approximately 100 meters apart. Many islands in The World, including the Antarctic, Australia, and New Zealand, are still under development. However, The Heart of Europe Dubai, Sweden Island, and Zuha Island are sought-after locations in The World Islands to buy and lease properties.

The residences in the developed islets, include villas and mansions for sale or lease, luxury hotels and resorts catering to tourists and visitors, and commercial real estate options such as office and retail spaces for rent. Each island structure boasts unique layouts and distinct exteriors inspired by various countries. Crafted from premium materials, many buildings feature panoramic windows, terraces, and garden areas. Abundant greenery on the islands enhances the overall comfort of living in this environment.

Many structures feature panoramic windows, terraces, and garden spaces, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy breathtaking views and outdoor living.

Off-Plan Properties in The World Islands Dubai

Amali Island Villas by Amali Properties is one of the off-plan properties in The World Islands, featuring 2 to 5-bedroom homes. The starting price of the properties in the villa cluster is AED 44.5M. Also, a diverse array of residential properties is in the pipeline for The World Islands, from modest villas to opulent mansions on individual private islands. Keep an eye out for the latest property announcements on this iconic archipelago.


Buying Properties in The World Islands

For those considering studio apartments in The World Islands, prices range from AED 1.1M to AED 3.7M. The cost of acquiring a 1-bedroom unit in The World Islands varies between AED 1.4M and AED 15.8M. Also, the floating seahorse villas in The Heart of Europe are on sale for less than AED 22M each.

If you want to purchase a 2-bedroom apartment, the starting price is around AED 2M, while a 2-bedroom villa requires a minimum investment of about AED 9.9M. A 3-bedroom villa in The World Islands Dubai has a price tag of AED 21M. For those seeking larger residences, a 4-bedroom villa is available for approximately AED 11.9M, and the starting price for a 5-bedroom villa is AED 18.8M.

Public Transportation in The World Islands

The World Islands Dubai are still developing, so transportation to and from the islands is limited. The World Islands are currently accessible only by marine or air transport. Resort guests can enjoy a scenic 15-minute boat ride from The Palm. Alternatively, you can take an exhilarating helicopter tour departing from the Dubai Police Academy.

Medical and Emergency Services in the World Islands

Medical and emergency services are limited on The World Islands themselves. However, the nearby mainland of Dubai offers comprehensive medical and emergency services, including hospitals and clinics, which can be accessed quickly by boat or helicopter in case of an emergency. Resorts and developments on The World Islands typically have protocols in place to handle emergencies and facilitate transport to the nearest medical facilities.

Supermarkets in The World Islands Dubai

VIVA Supermarkets, Silver Grand Supermarket, and allday Freah Supermarket are situated 15 minutes away from The World Islands. Another nearby supermarket is Gate Plus Supermarket, located about the same distance.


Location and Nearby Areas

The group of small islands is set 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai in the Persian Gulf. The development is near various prominent areas in Dubai, such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and JBR. It is also in proximity to tourist attractions like Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Miracle Garden.

The World Islands Restaurant & Bars

Currently, dining establishments within The World Islands are integrated into the hotels, such as La Brasserie & Raining Street, located in the Côte d’Azur Monaco Hotel, a French restaurant.

Additionally, part of the culinary offerings in The World Islands is under the Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort, featuring Helios, Luna, Qamar, and HamacLand.

Helios and Qamar present a fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines, while Luna specializes in various beverages and snacks. HamacLand, serving international cuisines, is a private floating lounge that offers a panoramic view of the Gulf waters for a delightful dining experience.

L'uliveto Italian Restaurant and Matteo are both Italian restaurants 15 minutes away from the island.


Beaches Near The World Islands

The Heart of Europe Dubai features beaches. Kite and Surf Beach sand Jumeira Public Beach are 15 minutes away from the community.

Hotels in The World Islands Dubai

The World Islands boast two well-known hotels: the Côte d’Azur Monaco Hotel and the Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort. Situated within the South American region of The World, the Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort is the newest addition to the Anantara hotel chain in the UAE, offering a diverse range of hotel rooms, suites, and villas.

Every room in this hotel provides exclusive access to a private beach. On the other hand, the Côte d’Azur Monaco Hotel is affiliated with The Heart of Europe.


Attractions and Landmarks

The Royal Island Beach Club on Lebanon Island became the inaugural attraction to open in The World Islands in 2012. This private beach club features two beaches, a swimming pool, an onsite beach volleyball court, and various dining options.

The Heart of Europe Dubai, a prominent landmark within The World Islands, has recently garnered significant popularity. Currently in the development phase, it is expected to offer several recreational destinations in the future. 

The World Islands, an ongoing project by Nakheel, primarily focuses on providing staycation amenities. Those aspiring to reside on The World Islands must exercise patience, as the majority of residential communities are currently undergoing development.

What is the expense of visiting The World Islands?

The cost of your visit will vary depending on your planned activities. Consider reserving a spot on a daytime or evening boat through a local tour operator for a brief excursion. Côte d'Azur Resort provides a fully redeemable day pass priced at AED300 and options for extended hotel stays. Additionally, The World Islands features its Anantara resort.

Is the Island Fully Developed?

The development of The World Islands is ongoing, and while some islands have been completed, the project as a whole is still in progress.

Can We Visit The World Islands Dubai?

Tourists and visitors can explore the developed islands within The World that are open to the public, such as Lebanon Island Dubai.

Who Came Up With the Idea of The World Islands?

The original concept for The World was envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Al Rashid Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. Nakheel Properties serves as the developer for the Dubai World Islands.

Who developed The World Islands?

The World Islands were developed by Nakheel Properties.

How can I reach The World Islands?

The World Islands can be reached by boat, water taxi, or helicopter from various points in Dubai.

Are there any public transportation options available?

No, there are no direct public transportation options to The World Islands; access is primarily by private boats, water taxis, or helicopters.

What activities can I do on The World Islands?

Activities on The World Islands include luxury resort stays, water sports, beach activities, and dining at exclusive restaurants.

Are there any tourist attractions on The World Islands?

Yes, tourist attractions include luxurious resorts, themed islands, private beaches, and various recreational facilities.

Is it a good investment to buy property on The World Islands?

Investing in property on The World Islands can be lucrative due to its unique location and exclusive lifestyle, but it also carries risks such as limited access and high maintenance costs. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and consider long-term prospects before investing.

Are there shopping and dining facilities in The World Islands?

Yes, there are shopping and dining facilities on The World Islands, including exclusive restaurants and boutique shops within the resorts and developments.