8 Types of Living Room Interior Design Styles

May 30, 2021

The living room of a house is a place where most families spend quality time together. From watching TV to having endless discussions on various topics, it’s the place where countless memories are made.

Needless to say, it should be well decorated and have an appealing vibe. It should be a place that’s comfortable yet stylish since it is the most used part in the entire home.

There are various themes and interior design style ideas you can choose from for this purpose. Let’s take a look at some of them that completely transform your living room and make it a focal point of your entire home.

Top Living Room Interior Designs Ideas

1. Bohemian

The purpose of the Bohemian style is to create a relaxing and comfortable ambience. For this, you can mix different colours, textures and patterns to add more appeal to your living room and yet have a soothing atmosphere. For example, you can go for a unique wall tapestry in a combination of different soothing colours. It would set a perfect backdrop to experiment with different patterns and rich hues throughout the living room.

When it comes to furniture for your Boho living room, vintage articles make for an apt choice. You can find them easily online and in various stores.


2. Cottage

It is one of the most preferred living room interior design because of the cosy and homely atmosphere it helps to create. It is, basically, all about exhibiting and preserving features of your living space, with the aim to give it a cottage-like look.

Cottage interiors boast a unique character because of timber floors, quirky angles and rustic ceiling beams.

When designing your living room as per the cottage style, choose colours that are inspired by nature, get some botanical plants and antique wooden furniture. For an authentic Cottage interior design style, choose white walls, neutral furnishings and an iron chandelier.


3. Coastal

It is one of the most popular interior design styles as it creates a laid back, charming and airy ambience, even though bright colours are used. And the best part? You don’t have to live in a coastal area to get this design for your living room. You can redesign your property in Dubai as per the coastal style and give it a breezy, airy look.

In coastal design, lighting and bright colours are used to mimic the ultimate beach vibe. Generally, natural and woven materials are used in this style. This adds texture to the room. When it comes to the selection of colours, bright pops of greens and blues are applied, while the furnishing articles have neutral tones.


4. Country

If you want to choose from the many living room interior designs that exude charm and comfort, the ‘country’ theme can be a perfect choice. It’s all about creating a comfortable and relaxing living space. As is the case with the “coastal design’, it’s not imperative to be living in the countryside to give your living room this look. It’s a perfectly suitable choice for residential properties in Dubai.

To create a country-style living room, pick one from the pastel colour palette and add some natural elements i.e. rustic exposed beams and natural wood ceilings. Pair these natural tones with blue and white furnishings, and you will have a country look living room.


5. Contemporary

The word contemporary means “belonging to the present”. This is why it is often used to describe things that are modern in design. However, defining this theme can be tough since it combines elements of various other living room interior designs and styles. For example, contemporary style may include art deco, modern, traditional and futuristic design as well.

Having said that, the definition of contemporary style that’s relevant today may not be the same in a couple of years’ time as it is continuously evolving. In the current era, the contemporary look is defined by minimalism, neutral colours and curved lines. When it comes to contemporary furniture, articles having smooth surfaces and clean lines without any adornment or carvings make for the best choice. They are made from light-coloured woods i.e. birch and maple.

For fabrics, wool, cotton, silk and linen are preferred for their neutral hues and textural aspect. Lastly, lighting is used to create an artistic statement.

Contemporary (1).jpg

6. French Country

French Country Style, as the name suggests is about combining the sophistication of French design with the comfort country design offers. It, basically, merges the best of both these styles and creates a comfortable yet stylish and elegant living room that is going to have a welcoming vibe to it.

This style usually contains warm hues and antique wood furnishing. Lighter shades and beamed ceiling are other focal features of the French Country design.


7. Eclectic

Eclectic style often requires a lot of discipline and attention. Basically, it merges different interior design styles into one and creates an appealing look.

As it is a fusion of different themes and styles, it can be termed as an unconventional way of designing a living space.


8. Industrial

Not many think about selecting the industrial theme when choosing a theme for their living room. However, it can prove to be the best choice among many interior design styles because of its unique and rather interesting look.

This particular design is all about the celebration of the vintage era. It encompasses wide open spaces along with unfinished and raw décor, which exudes an old-world charm. You can use materials like Edison bulbs, unfinished/raw woods, leather, and exposed ductwork to achieve this look.


Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the possibilities for selecting living room interior designs and styles are abundant. It all comes down to your personal preferences. However, it’s advised to take your pick carefully. The selected interior design style should turn your living room into a place you would look forward to coming home after a tiring day at work and unwind. It should have an inviting and welcoming vibe, not only for you but for your guests as well.

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