Dubai 2040: A Vision to Behold

March 17, 2021

Dubai has always been a visionary city. What started as a project in the 1960s by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, today bears fruits of being one of the safest cities in the world with a quality of life that is a class apart. A popular tourist destination, when asked, many people across the world dream of living in Dubai.

Recently, in order to continue and grow this legacy of perfection, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and the ruler of Dubai, launched the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. It is a sustainable plan for the urban growth and development of the city envisioned by Dubai’s ruler.


The aim of this Master Plan is to make Dubai the city that has the world’s best quality of life, and create a plethora of opportunities and lifestyle diversity for Dubai’s citizens, residents as well as visitors and investors.

Under this new plan, 2040 will witness Dubai having a 60% coverage of natural reserves, and the rural natural areas will constitute most of the city’s total area. Public beaches will have a 400% increment as well as a 25% increment in the facilities for the education and health sectors.

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This is to say that the land areas allotted to education and healthcare facilities will increase. Areas allotted for greenery and recreational spaces will also get doubled. There will be more space for green corridors that link residential areas as well as service and workplace areas, thus increasing the movement of pedestrians, bicycles as well as any other sustainable movement mechanisms and connecting people across the city.

Tourist activities, as well as hotel areas, will be increased by 134%, thus making it an even more popular destination amongst tourists.


These new plans have been drafted based on the inspiration drawn from international practices that are ideal and have been adapted to fit local needs. The Dubai 2040 vision is modelled after one that provides the highest quality of lifestyle and sustainable prosperity. The vision is not just to meet the needs of the population in Dubai, but also to create an environment that aids them to maximise their creative abilities, innovative results and live to their highest potential.


Sheikh Mohamed added that Dubai is a part of the world leaders in many sectors and it is only possible by constantly working together and raising benchmarks, standards and ensuring implementation of strategic planning.

Thus, Dubai in 2040 is going to be an exciting time with a green and sustainable future in the visionary hands of Sheikh Mohamed.

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