Curious About the Female Burj Khalifa? Learn 6 Essential Details of Dubai Creek Tower

February 22, 2024

The Dubai Creek Tower, located in the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour, is a remarkable project by Emaar Properties. The ambitious structure was originally planned to be the tallest building in Dubai, surpassing the current record held by Burj Khalifa. The developer has now decided to design it as a "female" counterpart to the skyscraper. With news of this latest development coming out, chatters about the redesigned tower and a cutting-edge mall are buzzing all around. Join us as we explore the details of this monumental skyscraper that has drawn everyone's attention. Let’s share all the exciting updates!

6 Things You Must Know About Female Burj Khalifa

The first glimpse of the tower is anticipated to be released this year.

The construction of the Dubai Creek Tower megaproject is set to resume in a few months after being paused during COVID-19. The original plan was to complete the project by 2021, but it had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The developer has recently announced that the Dubai Creek Tower construction will resume with new plans in August 2024, while the details about the project will be revealed by April 2024. Note the Dubai Creek Tower completion date has yet to be announced.

Creek Tower is unlikely to be the tallest structure in Dubai.

Mohammed Alabbar, the founder of Emaar and Noon, has announced that the Creek Tower will be smaller than the Burj Khalifa. Speaking at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF) 2024, Alabbar explained that during the planning stages, he realized that we should prioritize elegance when building cities. As a result, the Creek Tower will not be the tallest building in the UAE but rather the most elegant structure.

Mohammed Alabbar

It will remind you of Marilyn Monroe.

Earlier, Alabbar mentioned that the tower will remind you of Marilyn Monroe. The Female Burj Khalifa will draw inspiration from the elegance reminiscent of the renowned actress.

The project has been designed by Swiss-Spanish Architect.

Santiago Calatrava Valls, a renowned Spanish architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and painter, is the creative force behind the project. He is known for creating visually striking structures, often resembling the natural world. Calatrava's best-known works are the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Turning Torso Tower in Malmö, and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City.

There will also be a drive-through mall.

Emaar, a leading real estate developer in Dubai, has also announced plans to build a futuristic mall in Dubai Creek Harbour. During the announcement, the CEO of Emaar revealed that the new mall will feature a unique concept, which will allow customers to drive through the mall in electric cars. This innovative idea was inspired by similar projects developed around the world, and the mall aims to offer a distinctive shopping experience to customers.

The Dubai Creek Harbour site will be double the size of Downtown Dubai.

The project will cover over six million square meters, and the site will be twice the size of Downtown Dubai, making it the "new downtown." However, note that the area will not have a shopping center that is comparable in size to Dubai Mall.

Construction of Dubai Creek Tower - The Initial Plan

In February 2016, Emaar announced its highly ambitious project in Dubai Creek Harbour named "The Tower." Later, the name inscribed on a foundation stone at the construction site was "The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbor.". Later, the developer coined the term Dubai Creek Tower and declared it the community's focal point.

Dubai Creek Tower

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, chose the tower's design from six proposals submitted by renowned architectural firms worldwide. Architect Santiago Calatrava's design stood out among others. The plan was inspired by traditional minarets and lily flowers, reflecting a harmonious blend of Islamic architecture and natural beauty.

The tower, connected to the ground by steel cables, was supposed to resemble the gentle ribs of lily leaves. The plan also included adding elevated gardens at its observation deck, inspired by the historic hanging gardens of Babylon. A vibrant plaza consisting of a mall, museum, educational facilities, and an auditorium was expected to be developed at the ground level.

The 20 Dubai Creek Tower floors were meant to include hotels, restaurants, and residences. As the developer reevaluates different aspects of the new development, we eagerly await new details to be revealed soon.

Disclaimer: Note that the featured image used is for illustration purposes only and does not depict the real tower.

FAQS about Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower will be constructed near the waterfront area of Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek Tower location is adjacent to Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary.

Previously, the Dubai Creek Tower was planned to be 100 meters taller than the Burj Khalifa, which currently stands at 828 meters. However, due to changes in plans, the height of the Dubai Creek Tower is now expected to be shorter than that of the Burj Khalifa.

Many announcements were made initially about the construction of Dubai Creek Tower. The building had a reported height ranging between 928 meters and 1400 meters; however, after the new revelation, the exact Dubai Creek Tower height remains shrouded in anticipation, adding an air of mystery to this monumental project.

Bus routes servicing the vicinity of Dubai Creek Harbour comprise lines 53 and X64, both with stops at Waha Community Centre 1. It is approximately a 30-minute walk from this point to the harbor.

The design of the female burj khalifa tower is attributed to the renowned Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava. 

The main contractor for Dubai Creek Tower is the South Korean company Samsung C&T. 

Construction on the tower and the surrounding area, led by Emaar Properties, was temporarily suspended on April 4, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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