A Comprehensive Guide About Freehold Areas in Dubai

May 24, 2024

Investing in Dubai's thriving real estate market has significant financial potential. However, it is crucial to understand the dynamics, including demographics, the regulatory environment, and the local economy of the target region, before getting into the business. The city's freehold properties are incredibly enticing for non-resident foreigners and expatriates, offering convenience to homeowners and the best returns to investors. Our comprehensive guide has all the information you need about freehold properties in Dubai. Find out what it means, how it differs from leasehold properties, and what the top freehold areas in Dubai are.

What is a Freehold Area in Dubai?

A freehold area typically refers to a geographical region or property where the land and the building are owned outright by the owner indefinitely. In Dubai, a freehold area is where non-UAE nationals and foreign investors can own property without requiring a local sponsor. This means that individuals or entities from anywhere in the world can purchase, sell, or lease real estate in these areas without restrictions on ownership rights or tenure.

The foundation of the freehold property law in Dubai is the Freehold Decree, formally recognized as Law No. 7 of 2006. The influx of foreign direct investment into Dubai's property market can be largely attributed to this Decree. Freehold areas in Dubai were introduced as part of the government's efforts to attract foreign investment and boost the real estate sector. Owners can use the property for residential, commercial, or investment purposes, subject to relevant regulations and zoning laws. Freehold properties in Dubai often present lucrative investment opportunities with the potential for capital appreciation and rental income. Owning property in a freehold area may entitle investors to residency privileges, such as long-term visa or residency permits.

Individuals interested in purchasing property in Dubai's freehold areas must understand the legal framework, regulations, and procedures governing real estate transactions in the emirate. Consulting with legal advisors and real estate professionals can help ensure a smooth and compliant property acquisition process.

Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold Property in Dubai

A leasehold property can be leased from its owner for 99 years or less in certain cases. Buying such a property gives the owner the right to the home for a long time but not to the land it is built on. Once the lease period is over, the right of the property goes back to its freeholder. However, the lease can be renewed once it expires. Such a property can be sold, used, or rented like a freeholder would, with almost the same benefits.

In a freehold property, the owner has full ownership rights and can hold the property indefinitely, often passed down through generations. On the other hand, leasehold properties grant the right to use the property for a specified period, typically 30 to 99 years. After the lease expires, ownership reverts to the freeholder or the landlord.

Owners of freehold properties in Dubai have greater autonomy and control over their properties. They can make modifications, lease, or sell the property without significant restrictions. Leaseholders have fewer rights compared to freeholders. They may have restrictions on alterations or subletting, and they are usually required to pay ground rent and maintenance fees to the freeholder. Freehold properties also often have higher resale value and are perceived as more attractive investments due to their perpetual ownership rights.

Types of Freehold Properties in Dubai

In accordance with freehold property ownership regulations, foreigners can purchase both commercial and residential properties within specified freehold areas.

Commercial Properties

Similarly, Dubai offers a variety of commercial properties for sale, including retail spaces and warehouses located within freehold zones. Depending on your business needs, you can explore commercial properties within shopping centers and free zones to establish and operate your business effectively.

Residential Properties

Within the realm of residential properties, one can discover apartments, villas, and townhouses featuring diverse bedroom configurations and architectural styles. Likewise, within the designated zones, a blend of affordable and upscale residential options is available. The array of residential property types in Dubai ensures a wide selection to suit individual preferences.

Freehold Areas in Dubai

Foreign nationals can purchase freehold properties in Dubai exclusively from specified freehold zones. Several neighborhoods within Dubai fall within these designated freehold areas, providing expatriates with the option to invest in Freehold Properties. Here is an overview of the top 40 freehold areas in Dubai while highlighting the characteristics and services of each region to help readers make informed decisions when considering an investment in the Dubai real estate market. Here is the comprehensive list of these areas that house many freehold properties in Dubai. Uncover the options available within these thriving freehold communities, whether apartments, villas, or a blend of both.


Arjan consists of several sub-communities with low to mid-rise apartments. It is strategically located at the junction of Al Qudra Road (D63) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). The freehold apartments in Arjan range from studios to 3-bedroom flats. The prices for studio apartments in Arjan start from AED 550k, while 1-bedroom apartments in Arjan for sale are available for a minimum price of AED 750k. On average, the asking price for 2-bed units goes up to AED 1.85M.

Business Bay

Business Bay is another popular freehold area in Dubai. The business hub of the city is home to luxury apartments and penthouses. You can also buy podium villas in the area. It is also home to hotels like Taj Dubai, Anantara Downtown Hotel, and JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. For a studio apartment in Business Bay, you have to spend about AED 870k. A 1-bedroom apartment in Business Bay is available for AED 1.1M minimum. Those looking for 2-bedroom apartments in Business Bay for sale can find a flat for AED 1.7M.

Barsha Heights

Located along Sheikh Zayed Road, Barsha Heights (Tecom), is an apartment community. The area is popular for its proximity to business hubs like Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. If you are interested in freehold properties in Dubai providing excellent connectivity and amenities, you must invest in Barsha Heights. 

The average price for purchasing a studio apartment in Barsha Heights is AED 330k. 1-bedroom units typically start from an average of AED 500k. For those interested in 2-bedroom flats in the area, the average price is AED 1.3M.

Bluewaters Island

One of Dubai’s top tourist attractions, Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island by Meraas, is one of the top freehold areas. You can find luxury apartments and townhouses in this luxury community. There are various apartments for sale in Bluewaters Island. Studio apartments are available for a starting price of 1-bedroom apartments, which is AED 3.16M, while 2-bedroom apartments can be purchased for a minimum price of AED 9.3M. For 3-bedroom apartments, you have to pay at least AED 7.2M.

Culture Village

Culture Village, or Jaddaf Waterfront, lies within a short walk from the acclaimed Jameel Arts Center. Additionally, the Marina is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and a mere 5 minutes from Dubai International Airport. The emerging waterfront development boasts exquisite residences, five-star hotels, and commercial properties. You can find various luxury waterfront properties for sale in Culture Village.

Downtown Dubai

A community by Emaar, Downtown Dubai is also one of the top freehold areas in Dubai. It features landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. It comprises residential properties, along with leisure and retail facilities. Studio apartments in the area are available for AED 850k. To buy a 1-bedroom apartment, you might pay about AED 2.2M, whereas 2-bedroom apartments can be purchased for a minimum of AED 1.7 M.

Part of the community, the Dubai Mall stands as a sprawling global hub for shopping and entertainment. Amidst its bustling urban landscape, the community integrates meticulously designed green areas, offering residents tranquil spaces for unwinding.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, a sought-after freehold area, is renowned for its waterfront living, amazing nightlife, rejuvenating spas, and diverse dining options. Located in the heart of the city, the neighborhood is home to various skyscrapers offering luxury apartments. The glittering community of Dubai Marina is famous for its walkways lined with restaurants, bars, and cafes. It offers yacht trips and other fantastic activities to residents and visitors alike. If you are looking for a studio apartment in Dubai Marina for sale, the minimum price is AED 735,000. To buy a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina, the minimum cost is AED 1.59M. Otherwise, you have to spend AED 2.39M for a 2-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina.

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a vibrant community set amidst lush greenery and landscaped gardens. It is a part of the Jebel Ali District and it features spacious low-rise apartments. A popular residential district with affordable freehold properties in Dubai, Discovery Gardens is particularly famous for its studio apartments. However, you can also find 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in the area. The community has six ‘garden living’ themed clusters that are easily accessible via Dubai Metro. 

Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Harbour, a vibrant waterfront development nestled between Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah, boasts the region's largest marina, upscale hotels, scenic observation decks, and chic residential units. A project by Meraas Holding, Dubai Harbour is one of the top residential islands in Dubai. You can find apartments, penthouses, and villas in the community. The starting price of a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai Harbour is AED 2.5M, while the sales price for a 2-bedroom flat in Dubai Harbour increases to AED 4M. Similarly, 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Harbour is AED 7.3M.

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is a prestigious mixed-use community renowned for its leading financial hub, sleek residential towers, trendy art galleries, and top-notch retail and dining options. Central Park Towers, Index Tower, Park Towers, Liberty House, and Sky Gardens DIFC are some of the popular apartments to buy freehold property in Dubai. The average prices for studio and 1-bedroom flats in DIFC are AED 1.13M and AED 1.93M, respectively. Meanwhile, a 2-bedroom flat in DIFC typically requires an Investment of a minimum of AED 2.98M.

Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

One of the top areas for freehold properties in Dubai for foreigners, Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a sprawling mixed-use development offering commercial and residential properties. You can find various apartments, villas, and townhouses amongst landscaped parks and gardens in the area. A city within a city, DIP offers an environment-friendly lifestyle to its residents. There are supermarkets and restaurants in the community as well. Studio apartments for sale in DIP have a starting price of AED 317,000, while sales for 1 and 2-bedroom flats begin at AED 510,000 and AED 669,000, respectively.

Dubai Production City (IMPZ)

Interested in affordable freehold apartments in Dubai? Dubai Production City (IMPZ) offers a mixed-use area with complexes and residential towers adjacent to Dubai Sports City. Properties in IMPZ range from studio to 3-bedroom apartments, with a studio averaging at least AED 305k, while the average price for a 1-bedroom apartment is AED 440k and AED 690k for 2-bedroom flats. You can also find freehold plots for sale in Dubai Production City (IMPZ).

Production City Dubai is bordered by Jumeirah Golf Estates, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), and Dubai Sports City. Positioned conveniently at the crossroads of Al Khail Road (E44) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), this community offers easy accessibility. Moreover, it is well-connected to the business hub of Jebel Ali.

Dubai Residence Complex

Dubai Residence Complex, situated at the junction of the Dubai-Al Ain Road (E66) and Emirates Road (E611), is a popular residential area offering apartments and plots for sale. Prices here average at AED 499k and AED 716k for a studio and 1-bedroom flat, respectively, while 2-bedroom apartments have average prices around AED 964k.

Regarding residential options, you have a variety to select from, including studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments situated in both mid and high-rise buildings, constructed by different developers. The majority of apartment buildings and complexes within Dubai Residence Complex offer generously sized units.

Dubai Science Park

Strategically located along Umm Suqeim Road (D63), Dubai Science Park offers affordable freehold apartments. Studios in this community have an average sales price of AED 628k, rising to AED 947k and AED 1.35M for 1 and 2-bedroom flats, respectively. Residing in Dubai Science Park grants access to nearby amenities like schools, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and green spaces in the vicinity.

Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City is renowned primarily as a free zone catering to broadcasting companies and production houses; however, it also presents opportunities for freehold residential apartments. Nestled between Hessa Street and Umm Suqeim Street, this area offers a range of studio to 3-bedroom apartments for sale.

Starting at AED 595,000, studio flats in Dubai Studio City are available for purchase. Prices increase to AED 841,000 and AED 1.2 million for 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats, respectively.

Emaar Beachfront

Located amidst Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and JBR, Emaar Beachfront emerges as a gated community within Dubai Harbour. It boasts some of Dubai's most exquisite and costly apartments. Spanning across 10 million square feet, Emaar Beachfront comprises 10,000 residential units spread across 27 buildings. The starting price for purchasing a 1-bedroom apartment in Emaar Beachfront is AED 5.26 million, while 2-bedroom apartments in Emaar Beachfront are available for AED 4M.

The community provides an extensive selection of high-quality amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, beautifully designed gardens, and playgrounds for children, along with diverse options of cafes, restaurants, and shops. Within this community, residents have access to everything they need for a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Over time, Jumeirah Lake Towers has established itself as a premier Dubai freehold district, presenting affordably priced apartments equipped with essential amenities. For prospective investors eyeing this freehold community in Dubai, the average price for studio flats for sale in JLT stands at AED 735,000. Larger 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats typically cost AED 1.9M and AED 2M, respectively. Jumeirah Lakes Towers features an unmatched blend of city living, serene lakeside views, and an energetic sense of community.

Apart from the apartments for sale in JLT, you can explore many retail options along lakeside promenades. You can also boost your well-being by embracing an active lifestyle with recreational facilities, fitness centers, and parks.

Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR)

Continuing down the roster of freehold areas in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) presents a selection of stylish and generously sized apartments housed within towering structures. JBR showcases a variety of living spaces, including studios, 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom apartments, penthouses, duplexes, as well as garden and terrace apartments.

Looking for properties for sale in JBR? The average sales price for studios in JBR begins at AED 2.93M. Similarly, 1-bedroom apartments are available for AED 2.99M. 2-bedroom flats are also available, priced at approximately AED 3.5M. Meanwhile, investing in a 3-bedroom apartment in JBR may cost around AED 4.85M. Jumeirah Beach Residence remains a favored destination for investors seeking freehold properties in Dubai.

Freehold Areas in Dubai | Provident Estate

Jumeirah Heights

Jumeirah Heights, situated opposite the Jumeirah Islands, is a self-contained community renowned for its lush surroundings and picturesque waterfront views. The starting sales price for 2-bedroom apartments in Jumeirah Heights is AED 2.67 million, while for a 3-bedroom flat, the average price is AED 3.4 million.

The neighborhood benefits from its proximity to schools, shopping centers, and dining venues, offering a harmonious urban lifestyle. Jumeirah Heights appeals to those desiring a tranquil residential environment with quick access to the dynamic city life of Dubai, making it a sought-after destination for a relaxed and convenient living atmosphere.


Situated near Dubai Silicon Oasis, Liwan presents 1 to 3-bedroom apartments within a serene community. On average, the initial sales price for studios in Liwan is AED 443,000. Prospective buyers interested in apartments within Liwan can anticipate prices of AED 508,000 for a 1-bedroom flat and AED 795,000 for a 2-bedroom flat.

The community boasts recreational facilities, parks, and green spaces, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Overall, Liwan is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere and quality of life, making it a popular choice for families and individuals alike.

Madinat Jumeirah Living 

Madinat Jumeirah Living is a sought-after community for freehold properties in Dubai. Situated in Umm Suqeim, overlooking the iconic Burj Al Arab, this sub-community boasts luxurious apartments housed within low-rise residential towers. To acquire an apartment in Madinat Jumeirah Living, anticipate an investment of approximately AED 4.1M.

Mirdif Hills

This development in Mirdif provides freehold properties in Dubai including stylish residential apartments available in diverse layouts. The starting prices for studio flats in Mirdif Hills begin at AED 781,000, while 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats are priced at AED 1.3Mand AED 1.56M, respectively.

In addition to its residential offerings, Mirdif Hills features a vibrant retail center with a diverse range of shops, cafes, and restaurants, providing residents and visitors with convenient access to everyday necessities and leisure options.

Mirdif Tulip

Mirdif Tulip is the inaugural freehold project in the vicinity of Mirdif, welcoming foreign nationals. Positioned adjacent to Mushrif Park, it presents apartments equipped with amenities like gymnasiums and swimming pools. For those contemplating an investment, the minimum required for purchasing a studio in the area is AED 553,000. The starting price for a 2-bedroom flat is AED 1.5 million.

The community is known for its family-friendly environment, with ample green spaces, parks, and recreational facilities available for residents to enjoy. Mirdif Tulip promotes a sense of community and well-being, providing residents with a peaceful and tranquil living experience.

Old Town

Downtown Dubai's Old Town exudes elegance, featuring a charming, low-rise community with apartments showcasing traditional Arabic architecture. These sophisticated residences hold significant appeal among investors. Starting at AED 2.01 million, 1-bedroom apartments in Old Town are available for sale. Meanwhile, the price increases to AED 3.45 million for a 2-bedroom flat.

The neighborhood is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries, as well as serene parks and promenades, providing ample opportunities for leisure and recreation. One of the highlights of Old Town Dubai is its proximity to iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain, offering residents unparalleled views and easy access to some of the city's most famous attractions.

Park Gate Residences

Located near the Trade Centre Area, Park Gate Residences is one of the few freehold projects in Dubai. It comprises 746 contemporary apartments across four luxurious residential towers overlooking Zabeel Park. Additionally, penthouses and podium townhouses are available within the complex.

For a 1-bedroom flat, prices start at AED 1.76 million, while sales prices for 2-bedroom apartments at Park Gate Residences begin from AED 2.66 million.


Another notable freehold area in Dubai is Remraam, a gated community nestled along Emirates Road (E611), offering affordable apartments amidst lush greenery. Investors have a selection of studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments to choose from. Studios in Remraam have an average price of AED 410,000. For 1 and 2-bedroom flats, the average prices are AED 591,000 and AED 977,000, respectively. 3-bedroom apartments in Remraam are priced at around AED 1.4 million. The neighborhood promotes an active lifestyle with jogging and cycling tracks, encouraging residents to stay fit and healthy.

Freehold Areas in Dubai | Provident Estate

The Greens

One of Dubai's most established freehold areas, The Greens, is a vibrant apartment development along Sheikh Zayed Road, boasting a family-friendly community ambiance and various amenities.

On average, purchasing a 1-bedroom apartment in The Greens costs AED 1.44 million, while the sales price for 2-bedroom flats averages AED 1.79 million. For a 3-bedroom flat in The Greens, expect to pay around AED 2.34 million.

The Views

If you seek freehold apartments for sale in Dubai, The Views, situated adjacent to The Greens, is another Emaar community offering apartments with stunning views of the Emirates Golf Club. Developed by Emaar Properties in Dubai, The Greens is a peaceful residential community characterized by its landscaped gardens and low-rise buildings. Situated in a well-established area, it shares borders with Barsha Heights and The Views, standing out for its abundant greenery and peaceful atmosphere.

On average, purchasing a studio apartment in The Views requires AED 910,000. The sales prices increase to AED 1.5 million and AED 2.5 million for 1 and 2-bedroom flats, respectively.

Freehold Areas in Dubai for Villas

Recent villa sales data from Dubai reveals a robust market, with over 21,000 villas sold in 2023, generating revenue surpassing AED 100 billion. This presents a compelling opportunity for potential investors to consider villa investments. From The Springs to Reem, there's a wide array of freehold villas across Dubai to suit various budgets and preferences.

Let's delve into some notable villa communities. For freehold properties in Dubai

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches 1, nestled in a serene Dubai enclave, seamlessly blends contemporary living with natural surroundings. This sought-after community presents a diverse selection of homes tailored to various lifestyles, all within peaceful environs.

Arabian Ranches is one of Dubai's premier villa communities, offering spacious residences amidst family-friendly amenities such as parks, lakes, and BBQ facilities. When it comes to properties for sale in Arabian Ranches, the prices for 3 and 4-bed villas start at AED 4.2 million and AED 7.6 million, respectively. The average prices for 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom villas are AED 4.2 million and AED 7.6 million, respectively.

Arabian Ranches 2

Arabian Ranches II is meticulously divided into ten unique sub-communities dedicated to villas, with an additional two reserved for townhouses. Spanning across a vast area of 1.5 million square meters, this development is nestled amidst lush landscapes and comprises 1,724 carefully designed villas and townhouses.

Building on the success of its predecessor, Arabian Ranches 2 offers villas with high-quality finishing and modern amenities. Prices for 3-bed and 4-bed villas average AED 4.14 million and AED 5.2 million, respectively.

Arabian Ranches 3

Launched in 2019, Arabian Ranches 3 presents another opportunity for investment. Prices for 3-bed and 4-bed villas average at AED 3.42 million and AED 4.42 million, respectively. Arabian Ranches III is divided into four well-defined phases: Sun, Joy, Ruba, and Springs. This community consists of more than 4000 villas and townhouses, each offering either three or four bedrooms, strategically arranged in clusters and sub-communities.

Emirates Hills

Renowned for its luxury, Emirates Hills attracts high-profile buyers with its opulent villas. Prices for 5-bed, 6-bed, and 7-bed villas average at AED 47.39 million, AED 47.54 million, and AED 84.9 million, respectively. The close proximity to renowned tourist spots such as the Dubai Opera and the Dubai Mall renders this community perfect for those desiring a blend of suburban serenity and urban convenience. Residents of Emirates Hills Community enjoy a luxurious lifestyle reflecting Dubai's global stature, with access to an array of recreational activities, exquisite dining venues, and cultural offerings.

Jumeirah Park

Another Nakheel development, Jumeirah Park, features family-friendly villas and amenities. If you are looking for properties to purchase in Jumeirah Park, prices for 3-bed and 4-bed villas average at AED 5.6 million and AED 6.5 million, respectively.

Jumeirah Park, also developed by Nakheel, is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and spacious villas set amidst verdant landscapes. The community features a variety of recreational facilities, including parks, playgrounds, and jogging tracks, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and leisure. With its strategic location close to major highways and amenities such as schools, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities, Jumeirah Park offers residents a convenient and comfortable lifestyle tailored to modern family needs.

Jumeirah Islands

Developed by Nakheel, Jumeirah Islands offers luxurious villas and townhomes amidst artificial islands. There are various properties available for sale in the Jumeirah Islands. Prices for 4-bed villas average at AED 19.9 million. Jumeirah Islands is a prestigious residential enclave developed by Nakheel, offering an exclusive lifestyle amidst picturesque artificial islands. The community boasts a harmonious blend of luxury and tranquility, with meticulously designed villas and townhomes surrounded by lush landscaping and serene waterways. Residents here enjoy access to a range of upscale amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts, and communal pools, fostering a vibrant and active community spirit.

Palm Jebel Ali

Situated on one of Nakheel's artificial palm-shaped islands, Palm Jebel Ali offers upscale living with a focus on sustainability and green spaces. The average price of a villa for sale is AED 22.6 million.

Palm Jebel Ali, situated on one of Nakheel's iconic palm-shaped islands, epitomizes luxury waterfront living with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental preservation. The community offers an array of upscale amenities, including private beach access, marinas, waterfront promenades, and landscaped parks, creating a resort-like ambiance for residents to enjoy. With its commitment to green initiatives and eco-friendly design, Palm Jebel Ali sets a new standard for sustainable luxury living in Dubai.


Reem, a gated community along Al Qudra Road, offers competitively priced villas and townhouses with excellent finishing. Prices for 3-bed and 4-bed villas average AED 2.5 million and AED 3.1 million, respectively.

Reem, a gated community located along Al Qudra Road, is celebrated for its modern and vibrant residential environment offering competitively priced villas and townhouses. The community features contemporary architecture, well-manicured landscaping, and a range of amenities, including parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities, catering to the needs of families and individuals alike. With its convenient location and excellent value proposition, Reem provides residents with a comfortable and welcoming neighborhood to call home in Dubai's rapidly evolving landscape.

FAQs About Freehold Areas in Dubai

Apart from those mentioned in Dubai, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Al Raha Beach, and Al Reef are popular Abu Dhabi freehold areas. Al Hamra Village, Situated in Ras Al Khaimah, is also a freehold area in the UAE.

When considering nationalities, there are no limitations imposed on any particular nationality. Individuals of any nationality are eligible to own freehold properties in Dubai, provided they are investors aged 21 or above, irrespective of their country of origin.

In Dubai, freehold areas grant ownership of the property outright, whereas freehold zone areas are designated zones providing tax advantages and simplified business setup procedures. It's essential to note that freehold pertains to real estate ownership, whereas freezone pertains to business activities.

Non-freehold properties in Dubai are those that are not available for foreign investment. The ownership of these properties is restricted to GCC nationals and UAE nationals exclusively.

Some of Dubai's notable non-freehold areas include Al Warqaa, Nad Al Shamma, Muhaisnah, Al Awir, Al Nahda, Al Qusais, Al Mizhar, and Al Khawaneej.

Yes. People of all nationalities can buy a freehold property in Dubai. 

Emirates City, Al Zahra Area, Al Nuaimiya, Al Rawda, and Al Mowaihat are some of the freehold areas in Ajman. 

Investing in freehold property in Dubai presents numerous advantages, including full ownership rights without nationality restrictions, attractive investment potential with the ability to buy, sell, or rent out properties freely, eligibility for residency visas, diverse property options ranging from apartments to commercial spaces, modern infrastructure and amenities, the potential for capital appreciation, and integrated communities offering a convenient lifestyle with parks, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. These factors collectively make Dubai's freehold property market an appealing choice for both investors and individuals seeking a comfortable living experience in a dynamic urban environment.

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