HSBC Agrees with Morgan Stanley on Dubai’s Real Estate Market Trend

July 14, 2021

Morgan Stanley analysts predict that the boost in Dubai’s property market will continue for several years. And recently, HSBC Holdings Plc has agreed with the above and has said that in Dubai’s real estate market, the demand for bigger houses will further fuel the positive boost.

According to Stephen Bramley-Jackson and Alok Baid from HSBC, the sales figures show a massive rebound that is remarkable in Dubai’s year-to-date report. Even though there were concerns about supply as well as negative population growth, the current trend of moving into bigger homes, rekindled the real estate market in Dubai.

A stand-out recommendation from HSBC is to buy Emaar Properties PJSC as it is a great stock to buy now as it directly reflects the property prices by up to 90% correlation.

With a three times increase in sales over the past 5 months, Emaar is representative of being the ‘best means’ to get on the trend of the move to bigger properties, as per the analysts.

Dubai is now witnessing a rebound in the business sector as well as the tourism industry, with the fast distribution of coronavirus vaccines. While the rest of the world closed down during the pandemic, in comparison, Dubai remained open relatively. With the introduction of residency permits with real estate asset ownership, buying property became the fastest way to move to Dubai.

According to Property Monitor, a real estate consultant, just in March, an astounding number of 84 property transactions worth at least 10 million took place.

Therefore, it is obvious that Emaar Properties are outperforming the emerging market sector in 2021.

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