Looking to Rent a Home in Dubai? Here’s what you need to do!

October 11, 2020

As a resident of Dubai, you can choose to rent or buy an apartment, villa, or a townhouse. While renting a place in Dubai is fairly simple, we have curated a list of things to do and have for the entire process to be smooth and seamless.


So, before you start off on the process, make sure you have done the following:

1. Ensure that you have a valid residence visa, a Bank account and an Emirates ID. You will need these documents to be able to rent a home in Dubai.

2. Do your online research. Check out the various online property portals to see the kinds of apartments and villas you can rent as well as have an overall idea of the price range and areas in Dubai.


3. Determine budget, area & specific requirements. Before setting out to rent a home in Dubai, decide on your monthly or annual budget as well as the area you want to live in. If there are any specific requirements, like ‘close to the metro station or schools’ or ‘must have a balcony’, make a note of these.

4. Contact an agent. Get in touch with an agent. He/She will help you find the best fit as per your requirements. Discuss areas and budgets as well as the number of cheques you are comfortable paying in. You can discuss if you want it furnished or unfurnished.


Once you’ve contacted your agent, you can rest easy. They will scour the market to find you the best options. In Dubai, you need to ensure that the agent is a transparent and trustworthy professional, affiliated with a reputable real estate agency within the city, like Provident. Following are the steps that follow once you have a list of the best-fit options.


5. Choose a unit & go for a viewing. Accompanied by your agent, you should go for a viewing of the different homes and choose your unit.

6. Make an offer. Once you have decided on the unit you like best, you can make an offer. Tell your agent your best fit price and the number of cheques. The agent will negotiate with the landlord based on your requests.


7. Sign the contract. Once you and the landlord have agreed on terms and conditions, the agent will prepare the contract for you and the landlord to sign. The agent will add or amend addendums as per requests from both parties and meet the sweet spot that works for everyone involved.

8. Pay the deposit, rent cheques and commission cheques. Once signed, pay the deposit and the post-dated cheques for rent payable to the landlord. The commission is made out to the agency that the agent is a part of.


9. Register for EJARI & DEWA. EJARI is the registration system in Dubai for all rental transactions. DEWA is the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. Once you have the rental contract signed by both parties, your agent will help you get the documents in order to register you with EJARI and DEWA. You will require the signed tenancy agreement, Title Deed, your passport, visa, & Emirates ID, as well as a copy of the landlord’s passport. It will also need your biometrics. This will help in registering with EJARI. Once that is done, DEWA will contact you and will register your newly rented home for water and electricity supply.

10. Move into your new home. Congratulations! You have now successfully rented your home in Dubai.


Here’s a list of fees that are payable when you want to rent a home in Dubai:

  • Ejari: AED 225 (cash only)
  • DEWA Deposits: AED 2000 for Apartment – AED 4000 for Villa – AED
  • Activation Fee: AED 130
  • Security Deposit: 5% of annual rent for unfurnished – 10% of annual rent for furnished
  • Agency Fee: 5% of annual Rent
  • Chiller fees & gas connections vary depending on the development

For the ease of the entire process, hiring the right agent is the most important step. He/She will get you the best deals and negotiate on your behalf with your best interest at heart. This is where Provident leasing agents are your ideal choice. They are the best in the market when it comes to finding the perfect home, meeting every requirement and being available for you 24/7. Provident can also assist you on any home move services, movers, decorators, landscaper etc. Keep the hassles at bay and contact our leasing agents today!

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