Off Plan vs. Ready Property: How to Make the Right Choice

June 26, 2023

When buying a house in Dubai, one of the most significant decisions buyers must consider is whether to buy off-plan or ready property. Personal tastes, circumstances, and other factors influence this subjective judgement. This blog post will look at the fundamental differences between off-plan and ready properties, providing helpful information to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Difference:

Off-plan properties are purchased based on architectural plans but have not been built. On the other hand, ready properties are finished and ready for use immediately. Every option has distinct features that cater to different client needs.


Benefits of Buying a Ready Property:

Confidence: Ready properties establish a sense of confidence because you can physically inspect and evaluate the property before making your decision. There is no guesswork, and you know exactly what you are buying.
Accessibility: With a ready property, you can move in immediately. A ready property provides the convenience of immediate use, whether you are an owner-occupier looking to move in or an investor looking for rental income.
Established Communities: Ready properties are often situated in established communities with existing infrastructure and amenities. This provides a well-developed neighbourhood with easy access to schools, parks, shopping centres, and other amenities.

Benefits of Buying an Off-Plan Property:

New: The appeal of a brand-new property is undeniable. Off-plan properties offer the thrill of being the first occupant, with everything fresh, spotless, and customised to your specifications.
Price Advantage: Off-plan properties are frequently priced lower than ready properties. Developers often offer flexible discounts, payment options, or incentives to attract early customers. This can benefit people on a tight budget or looking for long-term investment opportunities.
Payment Flexibility: Buying off-plan typically involves a payment plan aligned with the construction timeline. This longer payment time can alleviate financial constraints and provide greater flexibility for buyers who may not have the total amount available at purchase.

When to Choose Ready or Off-Plan:

While both approaches offer advantages, unique circumstances may lead you to prefer one. Consider the following scenarios:

Property that is ready to go:

When immediate occupancy is required or desired, such as when relocating on short notice or under time constraints.
For buy-to-let investors looking for a quick return on investment, ready-to-rent properties can immediately provide rental revenue.
When purchasing in a fully or nearly entirely established community with various facilities and a sense of community.

Off-Plan Property:

If you want to experience the excitement and interest of a brand-new property while also having the satisfaction of being the first occupant.
When you are willing to accept a longer duration of possession. Off-plan properties may have building delays of months or years.
If you don’t qualify for a mortgage but still want to secure a property. Developers frequently offer flexible payment plans that allow consumers to pay in installments during the development phase.
Trends in Dubai:
Traditionally, ready-to-move-in properties have dominated the Dubai market. However, the number of off-plan residences sold yearly has overtaken ready properties since 2017. Factors such as population growth and increased project releases can be attributed to this trend.


Your preferences and priorities ultimately determine the decision between off-plan and ready residences. Off-plan properties attract with the promise of freshness and potential cost savings, but they are complicated with risks and uncertainties. Ready properties offer quick possession and a better understanding of what you are getting. Consider your specific needs, weigh the benefits and drawbacks, and make a decision consistent with your goals and aspirations.

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