Paw-sibly the Most Pet-Friendly Areas in Dubai

May 15, 2024

Dubai is a modern and luxurious city where residents enjoy a vast array of outstanding amenities. Those planning to move here can find excellent accommodation options, whether they are looking for a family-friendly environment or a community with more of a corporate vibe. The emirate also embraces a pet-friendly culture, offering a variety of neighborhoods that welcome your furry companions with open arms. In the pet-friendly areas in Dubai, you can easily find services, such as pet grooming centers and veterinary clinics, along with ample green space so that your four-legged buddy can have some good ol' off-lead fun.

In this guide, we'll explore some of the best pet-friendly areas in Dubai, highlighting their amenities and the lifestyle they offer. Whether you're searching for a rental apartment or considering buying a home, these neighborhoods provide the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and pet-friendly features to ensure a delightful living experience. So, let's embark on a journey through Dubai's pet-friendly locales, where tails wag and purrs abound!

Best Pet-Friendly Areas in Dubai for your Furry Friend

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches, a pet-friendly community in Dubai, boasts expansive open spaces, generous homes with gardens, and scenic walking paths. Villas for rent in Arabian Ranches are readily available, many featuring private gardens, perfect for pets. These residences also offer large balconies, ideal for cats to bask in the sun. Surrounding the villas are parks, pathways, and lakes, providing excellent opportunities for dog walking.

A 3-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches can be rented for approximately AED 247,000 annually.
For a spacious and stylish 4-bedroom villa, the average yearly rent is around AED 331,000. Renting a 5-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches typically costs about AED 433,000 per year.

When it comes to properties for sale in Arabian Ranches, 3-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches have an average cost of AED 3.91 million. For a 4-bedroom villa, the average sales price is approximately AED 6.67 million.

Downtown Dubai

One of the best pet-friendly communities in Dubai, Downtown Dubai is an appealing option for pet enthusiasts seeking accommodation. Small dogs and indoor cats are particularly well-suited for rental apartments in this area. Moreover, residing in Downtown Dubai offers the advantage of proximity to Burj Park, one of Dubai's pet-friendly parks. Here, you can enjoy delightful moments with your canine companion, mingling with fellow pet owners from the vicinity. There are various apartments available for rent in Downtown Dubai. In Downtown Dubai studio apartments in the area are available for AED 95k, while for 1-bedroom apartments you might have to spend AED 120.

For those interested in purchasing apartments, here's a breakdown of prices for multi-bedroom units in Downtown Dubai: Studios for sale in Downtown Dubai are typically priced around AED 2.2 million. Potential buyers can explore 2-bedroom apartments in Downtown Dubai at an average cost of AED 3.61 million. 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai are available at an average price of AED 6.02 million.

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Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City (DSC) is another pet-friendly area in Dubai, boasting a diverse range of apartment complexes. True to its name, DSC is renowned for its focus on sports. This area features numerous sports facilities that encourage active living for you and your pets. Furthermore, living in Dubai Sports City offers the advantage of reasonably priced and spacious apartments.

For those considering rental options in Dubai Sports City, studios in DSC typically rent for an average of AED 36,000 per year. 1-bedroom apartments are available for an average annual rent of AED 51,000 in Dubai Sports City. The average yearly cost for renting 2-bedroom flats in Dubai Sports City is approximately AED 75,000.

For those interested in buying apartments, there are various properties available for sale in Dubai Sports City. Studios for sale in Dubai Sports City have an average price of AED 446,000. The average sales price for 1-bedroom apartments in Dubai Sports City is around AED 633,000, while 2-bedroom apartments typically sell for approximately AED 1 million.

Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is widely recognized as one of the most pet-friendly communities in Dubai, offering ample parks and greeen open spaces for leisurely walks with your furry companion. For pet owners seeking rental accommodations in Dubai Hills Estate, a variety of options are available, ranging from studio to 3-bedroom layouts to suit individual preferences.

If you are looking for properties to rent in Dubai Hills Estate, the studios can be rented for AED 60,000 annually. The average rent for 1-bedroom units in Dubai Hills Estate is AED 98,000 per year, while 2-bedroom rental units have an average annual cost of AED 166,000.

Similarly, studios for sale in Dubai Hills Estate have an average price of AED 890,000 and 1-bedroom flats in the area are priced at approximately AED 1.37 million.

DAMAC Hills 2

DAMAC Hills 2 boasts lush green spaces and parks, making it an ideal community for pet owners looking to accommodate their furry friends. With its tranquil atmosphere and competitive rental prices, DAMAC Hills 2 appeals to tenants seeking a serene lifestyle away from the city's hustle and bustle. The community's stunning villas are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly, featuring amenities such as low-emission paints and solar-powered water heating systems.

Properties for rent in DAMAC Hills 2 come in elegant designs, ranging from 3 to 6-bedroom units. There are also plenty of choices for sale. The price of a 4-bedroom house in DAMAC Hills 2 is AED 1.75M.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) offers yet another pet-friendly community option in Dubai, whether you're looking to rent or buy villas. With an impressive array of villas, you can easily find a suitable home for you and your furry companion in affordable price. Additionally, there are several pet stores near JVC where you can conveniently shop for your pet's needs. The rental price of a studio in JVC is about AED 45k, whereas 1-bedroom apartments for rent in JVC are available for AED 70k. You can rent out a 2-bedroom apartment in JVC for AED for AED 135k.

Those who want to buy properties in the area also have a lot of options. AED 580k is the minimum price for buying a studio in JVC. Similarly, you can purchase a 1-bedroom apartment for AED 750k and a 2-bedroom apartment for the price of AED 1.2M.

Jumeirah Lake Towers - JLT

Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) is one of the best pet-friendly areas in Dubai. Within this vibrant neighborhood, you'll discover abundant options for strolling with your pet (like the famous dog park), professional veterinary care for their health needs, grooming services to ensure their stylish appearance and comfort, and stores stocked with everything required to cater to your pet's requirements.

Modern Vet, Noble Vet, and Karas Vet are some of the nearby veterinary clinics, while Celine & Paws, Pet in the City, and Barkingham Palace are some of the top pet grooming places. There are also pet cafes in the area. The rental apartments in JLT are available at a starting price of AED 162k. If you are looking to buy apartments in JLT.

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The Springs

The Springs is a pet-friendly community in Dubai, where you can easily find pet shops and a fenced dog park (behind Springs 8). Moreover, it features numerous buildings and villas that warmly welcome pets. Petworld UAE The Springs Souk is a prominent pet store within this community.

The villas available for rent in The Springs provide an excellent option for pet owners seeking spacious areas for their furry companions to roam freely. Tenants can find 3-bedroom villas for rent in The Springs at an average price of AED 243,000, while the average rental cost for 4-bedroom homes in the area is around AED 281,000. For those interested in purchasing a property in The Springs, there are plenty of options available. You can find excellent 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas in the area. 

Jumeirah Village Circle - JVC

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) boasts numerous green spaces and parks spread across the community, making it an excellent choice for dog owners seeking rental apartments. Additionally, JVC offers diverse pet grooming services, veterinary clinics, and pet supply stores. Here's an overview of the rental prices for apartments in Jumeirah Village Circle:

Studios in JVC have an average rental price of AED 45,000 per year. Larger 1-bedroom apartments are available for an average annual rent of AED 67,000, while 2-bedroom apartments typically rent around AED 95,000. The average yearly rent for larger 3-bedroom units in JVC is approximately AED 142,000.

Moreover, JVC presents an attractive return on investment (ROI) of 7.58%. Studios for sale in JVC have a starting price of AED 580k, whereas 1-bedroom apartments are priced at around AED 780k. Prospective buyers looking at 2-bedroom apartments in JVC can expect to pay approximately AED 1.35 million. The average cost of 3-bedroom apartments for sale in the area is AED 1.87 million.


Bringing a furry friend home? Make sure your house is pet-ready! From flooring and fabric to furniture, there are plenty of ways you can create functional and aesthetic spaces for your four-legged friends and make your house pet-friendly.

Keeping a dog can be expensive depending on the breed of the animal and your preferences. There are various costs you need to consider from veterinary fees to pet day care charges (if need be).

Non-compliance can result in a fine of around 10,000 dirhams ($2,723). Most residential and office buildings, cafes, restaurants, and stores in Dubai are not pet-friendly. Note that most malls in Dubai don’t allow pets, and non-compliance can lead to hefty fines. However, there are a few pet-friendly malls in Dubai, like Golden Mile Galleria Mall on Palm Jumeirah. You can also take your furry friend shopping at City Walk.

BarkPark Dubai in Al Awir,  My Second Home in Dubai Investment Park, Sustainable City Dog Park, and the JLT Dog Park are some of the best open spaces where you can take your pet for a walk.

Yes! Ailuromania Cat Café is the first cat cafe in the Middle East region. It is one of the most amazing cat-friendly places in Dubai. In the neighboring city of Abu Dhabi, you can find Meow Cafe, where you will find yourself surrounded by lots of cats. 

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