RERA's Stand Against Fake Listings: A Testament to a Transparent Marketplace

February 23, 2024

The Dubai government leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting the rights of property buyers and investors. Following the norm, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has initiated a groundbreaking action plan against fake listings to provide local and international investors with a trustworthy environment. The regulatory authority has asked agents to take down ads promoting unavailable or sold units. According to RERA, bringing in this extra layer of transparency in property searches promises a fairer marketplace. Let’s find out the details of the recent developments and the advantages of well-regulated rental and sales advertising.

Regulatory Reforms Against Fake Property Listings

On its official X account, previously known as Twitter, the Dubai Land Department's regulatory arm has urged real estate agents to update their digital platforms within three days. On February 9, 2024, RERA fined 30 real estate companies in Dubai, worth AED 50,000, for non-compliance with the specified terms and conditions in real estate advertisements.

As per the new policy, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency will also reevaluate the use of developers' No Objection Certificates for promoting properties. It aims to digitalize the procedure of obtaining Marketing Permits, a move poised to eliminate about 50 percent of online property rental ads.

The agency emphasizes that every online property advertisement must accurately represent the real estate property it showcases, including specifications and pricing. This approach protects consumers against fraud and misleading advertising and cultivates a healthier and more transparent market environment for investing in Dubai's real estate. 

Why Data Transparency in Real Estate is so Important?

Data transparency in property market is crucial for several reasons. Transparent property listings offer many benefits for buyers in the real estate market, providing them with valuable information and fostering a more informed and confident purchasing process. Here are key advantages:

Building Trust and Confidence

Transparent data in real estate promotes trust and confidence among investors, buyers, and stakeholders. Transparency in property listings allows stakeholders to observe and understand market trends. This visibility instills confidence as you can make decisions based on a thorough understanding of the current market dynamics.

Real Estate Agent

Informed Decision-Making

Having access to precise data on property transactions and market trends enables individuals to evaluate potential investments more effectively. Accurate and up-to-date information help you make the right decision. This, in turn, reduces uncertainties and risks associated with real estate transactions. Seeking advice from real estate professionals, financial advisors, and networking with other investors contribute to informed decision-making. These sources, if provide authentic insights about the property that can enhance the quality of investments.

Fostering Fair Competition

Data transparency creates a fair and competitive market environment. Authentic property listings include realistic valuations based on market conditions. This transparency in pricing ensures that all properties are assessed fairly, preventing overvaluation or undervaluation and maintaining a competitive market environment. Providing comprehensive data ensures that no party has an undue advantage, establishing a level playing field for both buyers and sellers.

Efficient Property Comparison:

With transparent listings, buyers can efficiently compare multiple properties based on their preferences and priorities. This streamlined process allows for a more effective evaluation of options, helping buyers narrow down their choices and make more efficient decisions.

Streamlining Market Processes:

Transparent data streamlines various processes within the property market. Offering a clear picture of the market reduces inefficiencies, leading to smoother transactions and a more efficient real estate ecosystem. Real estate professionals can allocate their resources more effectively when armed with transparent data. This includes marketing efforts, client interactions, and overall business strategies, leading to a more strategic and resource-efficient approach.

Rise in Property Demand:

Initially, with a reduced number of listings, individuals can make more informed decisions as the distinction between authentic and fraudulent advertisements becomes clearer. Additionally, a smaller inventory might lead to quicker transaction processes, potentially driving up prices due to increased demand surpassing the available supply.

Credibility and Trust:

Transparent listings contribute to the credibility and trustworthiness of brokers and agents. When the information provided is accurate and reliable, clients are more likely to trust the expertise and professionalism of the agent. Brokers and agents who prioritize transparency gain a competitive advantage in the market. Clients are more likely to choose agents who provide clear and comprehensive information, setting them apart from those who rely on vague or incomplete listings.

The property market in Dubai has witnessed unprecedented growth in the post-pandemic period. According to Provident Market Report 2023, 118,645 residential property transfers were recorded, indicating a significant surge of 37% compared to the preceding year. By upholding stringent standards for data transparency, regulatory bodies and real estate agencies can contribute to a stronger and more stable property market.

The government has taken measures to verify property listings to increase the credibility of the ads. The aim is to benefit both buyers and sellers. Transparency in property searches will safeguard buyers from fraudulent activities and scams. On the other hand, sellers will benefit from this by not wasting their time and energy on fake listings and will be on the same page as the buyers.

Role of Trakheesi in Listings Verification

How do I know that the property in the advertisement is not fake? Home buyers and renters can easily verify a property listing by looking for the Trakheesi QR code on the page. When you scan that code, you'll be able to see the listing permit of the agent, along with the RERA permit, which means the Dubai Land Department verifies this ad. According to RERA-approved standards, every property listing must display a Trakheesi QR code in print or audio-visual formats.

Trakheesi listings verification

The Trakheesi Dubai system is pivotal in simplifying processes and promoting transparency within the real estate market. Brokers and other real estate professionals can quickly obtain the Trakheesi Permit for their property ads. These permits are required to advertise on SMS, newspapers, billboards, and online platforms like Provident.

Here is the process to get the Trakheesi Permit:

  • Log in to your Trakheesi online account.
  • Select 'apply for a permit' within the 'license' section.
  • Input the necessary details and upload the required documents.

You can expect to receive the permit within two working days if all requirements are met.

Provident's Commitment to Data-driven Transparency

Standing on the brink of substantial changes, it is evident that adopting a transparent, data-driven policy is crucial for any real estate company. Provident Real Estate has always been committed to data transparency and authentic listings. We understand the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date information to our clients, which sets us apart from the competition.

By embracing RERA’s new guidelines, we are working harder to enhance the authenticity of our property listings further. We aim to empower the investors to make informed decisions, reducing all the uncertainties in the property searching process. Our focus on genuine listings helps create a transparent marketplace where buyers and sellers can confidently engage.

Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance, it is a testament to our dedication to creating a real estate environment characterized by trust, reliability, and clarity. Through data-driven transparency, Provident Real Estate endeavors to shape a real estate landscape where stakeholders can navigate with confidence and certainty.


RERA, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, is a regulatory body in Dubai overseeing real estate-related activities. RERA establishes guidelines and regulations to ensure transparency and fairness in the real estate sector, impacting how properties are listed, marketed, and transacted.

A 'fraudulent' ad is defined as a real estate listing on a portal or website that falsely presents a property as available when, in reality, it has already been sold or rented out.

According to the notification released by DLD, real estate agents and agencies are given a three-day window, starting from February 14, to remove or rectify no longer valid listings.

According to DLD's website, real estate companies have to pay AED 50,000 RERA fine for not adhering to advertising requirements set by the authority.

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