Tenant Moving-Out? Here is What Your Next Steps Should be

July 20, 2023

When your tenants leave your property, the procedure can be stressful. It's logical to be concerned about anything from locating the next renter to managing the move-out process. We understand the difficulties you may be experiencing, which is why our devoted team is here to provide thorough support. Let's consider what to expect from our property managers during the moving process.

Streamlined Transition with a Dedicated Property Manager:

An expert Senior Property Manager will oversee the entire process to ensure a seamless transition. They will contact you 30 days before your tenant's move-out date to coordinate all necessary arrangements.

The Property Manager is in charge of the following significant aspects:

Our property manager will handle the following critical factors to ensure a successful move-out:

DEWA Activation:

We will get approval and finances to activate Dewa, allowing us to undertake necessary inspections and address any utility-related concerns. Activating DEWA services enables an easy transition.


Tenant's Deposit:

If you have been holding the tenant's deposit, we will ask you to hand over all the funds necessary to administer and secure it. This open and honest approach promotes accountability and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Communication and coordination among tenants: Our property manager will work with your renter to complete the following duties:

AC Servicing Receipts:

If specified in the contract, we will ask the tenant to provide proof of AC servicing receipts. If the Provident registers the EJARI, we will help you cancel it or need that the renter supplies the relevant evidence.

Scheduled Inventory:

To ensure a thorough examination of the property, we will arrange for a planned inventory with one of our expert inventory clerks.


Final Bill and Utilities:

We will notify the renter of any outstanding bills and work that must be addressed before their departure.


Day of Departure:

Our professional team will handle all parts of the process on the move-out day. Our personnel will meet with the tenant to conduct a comprehensive move-out inspection, including the return of keys, access cards, and fobs, which will be returned to you.

The Importance of DEWA Activation:

It is critical to activate DEWA services to avoid potential difficulties. With it, your garden's water supply may be protected, negatively damaging landscaping. Furthermore, a comprehensive examination cannot be performed, which may result in delayed quotations for any concerns discovered once DEWA is switched on. It may also result in a lengthier vacancy time, which may impact marketing and viewing and potentially lower the possible rental price.

Post-Move-Out Assistance:

Within 10 days of your tenant's departure, our staff will send you a complete move inspection report and a quote for any necessary work. Please remember that extra items not visible during the tenant's tenancy may be included in the estimate. Even if there are disagreements about security deposit deductions, prompt approval of work and appropriate cash will ensure a speedy procedure.

Is a new tenant moving in? We've Got Your Back:

We understand the importance of a quick process when a new tenant moves in. Our team will handle all necessary activities, such as clearing unpaid utility costs, DEWA activation (if required), timely approval of critical improvements, AC servicing, and deep property cleaning. In addition, any relevant NOCs will be obtained.

Finally, the tenant move-out procedure becomes a breeze with Provident on your side. Our specialised property managers ensure effective coordination, clear communication, and attention to detail at every level. Trust us to negotiate the difficulties, giving you peace of mind and effective property management.

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