The Best Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilions You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Visiting

October 13, 2021

Expo 2020 has commenced with all its glory and visitors are pouring in from every part of the globe. As many as 411,768 visits have been recorded during the first ten days of the event. For the uninitiated, it is a one-of-its-kind event in The Middle East that is slated to last for six months. The site of this mega exhibition will be converted into a large-scale development, titled District 2020, once the expo concludes.

The exhibition features pavilions set up by over 190 countries. All of them are unique in their own way, attracting a huge number of visitors. However, it will be tough to explore all of them if you have a one-day ticket.

To help you get the best experience of Expo 2020, we have listed some of the best pavilions you shouldn’t miss out on visiting. Let’s take a look at them:


With a music stage set up at the entrance, Australia’s pavilion is certainly making the right noise. One can also expect the pavilion to have live performances throughout its run, because of this music stage.  

The pavilion is designed by bureau^proberts. It has a cumulus cloud-like shape, which showcases the diverse landscape of Australia. On the technological front, the Australian pavilion depicts the country’s journey in modern advancement and discoveries.  

The Australian pavilion is part of the opportunity district.


South Korea

The focal point of the South Korean pavilion is its infrastructure that changes with time. It has a tent-like structure that emits bright hues of yellow and red during the day. However, when the sun sets, the colours it radiates become blue and pink, complementing the glittering skyline of Dubai.

This pavilion, located in the mobility district, also houses South Korea’s developments in technology and science using augmented reality.



The highlight of the Belgian pavilion is the green arch exterior it boasts of. The concept behind this arch is the importance of nature in solving the pressing problems the world is facing. There’s also a kiosk in this pavilion where you can get a taste of authentic Belgian food. The 500 square metre pavilion also features a lounge area and rooftop terrace, allowing visitors to enjoy the stunning views of Dubai’s landscape. You can find this pavilion in Expo 2020’s mobility district.



Pakistani pavilion has been the talk of the town since the exhibition started, and it deserves all this acclaim fair and square. The pavilion features a unique and appealing façade and highlights the diverse culture, landscape and rich history of the nation. Through this pavilion, the country aims to unleash the hidden opportunities available in the investment and tourism sectors. It is part of the opportunity district.



Luxembourg pavilion easily ranks among the most visually appealing pavilions out of the lot. Present in the shape of a Möbius ribbon, it offers an innovative entry to visitors. Instead of taking a flight of stairs, they can take a slide that will take you directly to the ground floor of the pavilion. No other pavilion in the Expo 2020 boasts of this design.

You can find this pavilion in the opportunity district.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia pavilion is a proud holder of three records, the longest interactive water feature, the largest LED mirror screen and the biggest interactive lighting floor. The last one, in particular, deserves a special visit as it features 7,998 LED lights. Infused with modern technology, these lights react with visitors, creating extremely appealing visuals.

Located in the opportunity district, this pavilion is titled ‘Vision’ and exhibits the culture of the kingdom. 



China holds the title for having the largest pavilion in the Expo 2020. A perfect fusion of technology and the rich Chinese traditions, this pavilion is shaped like a traditional lantern, made using eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art technology. It showcases the country’s innovative printing invention. The most notable feature, however, is the dazzling display of lights it presents when the sun sets. Certainly, a sight not to be missed!

It is located in the opportunity district in Expo 2020.



Featuring a distinct design with a drape-like exterior, Finland’s pavilion is receiving quite a lot of footfalls, thanks to its uber-cool design. It’s basically an Arabic tent that is made of snow. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The pavilion allows visitors to discuss the natural beauty of Finland and its knack for innovation and sustainable technologies. It is located in the mobility district.



Last but not the least, the UAE pavilion highlights the cultural heritage of the country and how it’s ready to face the future. The structure of this pavilion resembles a falcon in flight, the national bird of the UAE. It has wings that move in upwards and downward directions. Not only do they look appealing, but they produce sustainable energy as well.

The structure of the UAE pavilion is designed by Santiago Calatrava. It is located in the opportunity district.


A Final Word

Every expo 2020 pavilion is unique in its own way. So, it’s recommended to get a multi-day pass and explore this exhibition to the fullest. The event, graced by notable personalities and celebrities, has a lot to explore for visitors. It is also said to impact the property market in Dubai, signs for which are already apparent. According to analytics by Provident Estate, both the prices and demand for rental properties in areas located close to Expo 2020 Dubai has witnessed an upward trend.

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