The Ultimate Guide To Dubai Investor Visas

June 01, 2023

Dubai’s dynamic economic climate attracts foreign investors seeking rapid growth. If you’re considering investing in Dubai, a Dubai investor visa could allow you to live and work there for a long time.

What is a Dubai investor visa? How do you get one? Let’s investigate.

Dubai’s Investor Visa:

Dubai’s investor visa lets foreign investors live and work there for a long time. It seeks international investments to boost corporate growth and the city’s economy. This visa is for Dubai investors.

This page will explain the investor visa, its rules, and the application process.

Dubai Residency by Investment:

Dubai investor visas may interest you if you’re considering investing there. Dubai’s investor visa categories have different requirements and benefits for foreigners who want to reside and work there. Let’s review Dubai investor visas:

Investor Visa:

If the investor meets the visa requirements, this long-term visa allows them to live and work in Dubai. Dubai entrepreneur visa, Dubai startup visa, and Dubai partner visa requirements differ by company type. It requires a minimum of AED 72,000 investment and documentation like a police clearance certificate from the investor’s home country and a medical certificate from a licenced Dubai clinic.


UAE Property Investor Visa:

This visa is for people who want to live in Dubai and invest in the property market. It requires a minimum investment in a Dubai-based property. AED 1 million property ownership qualifies for a 3-year visa. A 5-year visa requires a property worth at least AED 5 million. Dubai property investment visas can help you pursue personal or commercial goals. Leading Dubai real estate businesses like Provident Estate can help you get a property investment visa and find the perfect property.

Dubai Long-Term Residence Visa:

This recently launched visa permits investors who meet specific criteria to live in Dubai for 5 or 10 years, depending on their investment. Investor spouses, children, managers, and consultants can apply for this visa. A 10-year resident visa can be obtained by investing at least AED 10 million in a domestic investment fund, establishing a UAE firm, or collaborating with an existing company.

Investors with AED 5 million in Dubai real estate assets and entrepreneurs with AED 500,000 projects can get a 5-year visa. Dubai’s Directorate General of Residence and Foreign Affairs requires additional conditions for long-term investment visas. Researchers and developers in medicine, science, research, and technology can stay longer under this programme.

Dubai Retirement Visa:

The 5-year Dubai retirement visa requires an investment of AED 2 million in assets, AED 1 million in savings, or a minimum active monthly income of AED 20,000.

Dubai Investor Visa Benefits:

Whether you’re investing personally or professionally, a Dubai investor visa has many benefits. Key benefits:

  • Extended stay in Dubai: Immerse yourself in the local business environment, optimise your investment, and enjoy Dubai’s lively atmosphere.
  • Dubai has a strong economy and several business prospects. A Dubai investor visa opens to this dynamic business environment and its many resources and support systems.
  • Dubai’s cultural experiences, magnificent hotels, and attractions.
  • Dubai is safe and friendly. Stay safely with a Dubai investor visa.
  • Dubai investor visa holders can sponsor spouses, children, and parents for UAE residency.
  • Maintain visa validity outside the UAE for up to one year.
  • Instead of a work visa, use your Dubai investor visa to travel to other GCC nations for business or pleasure.


In conclusion, a Dubai investor visa is an excellent chance for foreign investors wishing to invest long-term in the city and take advantage of its many development and success opportunities. A Dubai investor visa is a great opportunity for you if you want to live and work in Dubai. Contact us at Provident Estate to learn more about how Dubai can be your next.

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