UAE's Golden Visa Evolution: The Rise of the Dh 2M Bank Deposit Route

October 27, 2023

The UAE's Golden Visa has always been sought after, but a new trend has emerged with the Dh2 million bank deposit scheme. Is this the next big thing for freelancers and retirees

An Overview of the Golden Visa Phenomenon 

The allure of the UAE's Golden Visa isn't new. For years, it's been a favorite among UAE's residents and those aspiring to move to this global hub. The Benefits of UAE golden visa include long term residency and the appeal of being part of a thriving economy. While property investments have traditionally been the Dubai Golden Visa requirements, there has been a noticeable shift, with many now opting for Dh2 million bank deposits.

Golden Visa in Dubai: Secure UAE's 10 Year Residency with a Dh2 Million Bank Deposit

A growing number of people eyeing the golden visa are exploring this path to obtain their desired visa. Investing Dh2 million as a bank deposit is turning into a robust choice, with interest rates lying between 3.99% and 5%. These appealing rates have been influenced by the US Federal Reserve's repeated interest hikes since March 2022. As part of the UAE golden visa requirements, this deposit route offers simplicity and attractive returns.

An industry expert mentioned, "For investors with the capital and not necessarily the desire for property investment, the golden visa Dubai bank deposit avenue is ideal. Earning close to 5% returns on these deposits, with a fixed commitment period, is a beneficial proposition for them."

Insiders believe that while real estate remains the primary choice, the bank deposit method for residency is yet to reach its peak popularity. With the Dubai golden visa attracting seasoned freelancers and retirees, this bank deposit route is set to gain more traction.



To secure a 10 year golden visa, one must obtain an official letter from a recognized UAE golden visa application entity. After obtaining the letter, it is then submitted to the immigration officials for processing.

A Clear Path Forward

The attraction for investors is transparency. They have a well defined understanding of the tenure their funds will be held in the deposit and the returns they can expect. Golden visa UAE eligibility is also clearer with this method.

As experts highlight, "The deposit terms and interest rates are set, making it a direct route to acquiring the UAE Golden Visa. In contrast, real estate and business ventures undergo a comprehensive assessment, necessitating additional approvals, like those from the Dubai’s land department."One major reason behind the increasing appeal of the deposit scheme is its uncomplicated nature. 



Both property and business investments come with their own set of variables affecting returns. When it comes to real estate, the valuation is based on the property's equity or cash value. This value can be influenced by market dynamics, and there's often a need for re evaluation every five years, as pointed out by experts. Golden Visa requirements for investors are also more straightforward with the deposit method.

Understanding the Deposit Duration

For the Dh2 million deposit, it's essential to know that it has to stay in the account for a 'set period', typically 2 years, before it's available for withdrawal. However, it's crucial to scrutinize the specifics of the fixed deposit letter from one's bank, as some institutions might have durations extending beyond the 2 year mark needed for the Golden Visa.

Those considering this avenue for long term residency should be vigilant about these details. Banking insiders recommend that since fixed deposit durations might differ across banks, potential investors should explore various banks to find the best fit for their needs.

A Golden Opportunity Through Bank Deposits

The UAE Golden Visa continues to evolve, with the Dh2 million bank deposit scheme becoming a significant player in the game. While real estate investments will always have their place, the simplicity, transparency, and favorable returns associated with the bank deposit route highlight the advantage with acquiring such visa and are becoming hard to ignore. For freelancers, retirees, or anyone looking for a stable and potentially profitable avenue to secure long term residency in the UAE, this approach is worth a deeper look.

The ever changing dynamics of the global market, coupled with the UAE's reputation as a thriving hub, means that such opportunities will only become more valuable over time

For potential investors, the key lies in diligent research, understanding the nuances of each option including the golden visa requirements, and seeking expert advice to navigate the intricacies of the visa process. As the UAE's landscape continues to shift and with the introduction of the  golden visa new rules, those who stay informed and adaptable will undoubtedly benefit from this golden opportunity.

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