What is Ejari? A Guide to Tenancy Contract Registration 2024

January 09, 2024

Dubai's dynamic rental property market offers tenants diverse residential and commercial options. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency is a government entity that regulates the city's real estate sector to ensure transparency, fair practices, and compliance with laws. Therefore, landlords and tenants must familiarize themselves with RERA's rules and regulations governing the rental market. This includes guidelines on rent increases, dispute resolution, and tenant-landlord relations. 

RERA introduced Ejari to register properties in Dubai on lease and ensure legal recognition and protection for the parties involved. Here is our comprehensive guide to Ejari and how to register your tenancy contract in Dubai.

What is Ejari, and what is the purpose of Ejari?

Ejari means “my rent” in Arabic and is a government-run program regulating all Dubai tenancy contracts. It ensures that rental agreements are legally binding and registered through the official portal to protect the rights of both landlords and tenants.

Ejari registration helps protect tenants' rights by providing an official record of the lease agreement. The Ejari system also helps document the tenant's security deposit. In the event of any disputes at the end of the tenancy, the recorded information can be used to resolve disagreements over the return of the security deposit. Moreover, some utility service providers in Dubai may require an Ejari certificate to connect or transfer utility services to a tenant's name.

It also enables renters to conduct background checks on landlords and properties by accessing historical data. Also, it combats illegal housing and unfair exploitation within the real estate market.

What is the Ejari Registration Procedure 2024

As per the provisions of Law No. 26 of 2007, all rental and lease agreements for residential and commercial properties in Dubai are to be registered with the Ejari system. RERA, part of the Dubai Land Department, manages the Ejari system. To register a lease agreement with Ejari, you must provide the necessary documents and information to the Ejari system.

Responsibility for Ejari registration lies with both the tenant and the landlord, although, in most cases, the tenant or property management companies (assigned by the landlord) conduct the process. You can complete the registration at Ejari trustee centers in Dubai or through online platforms. 


Registration through Ejari Trustee/Typing Centers

Below are the steps for Ejari registration in 2024 through real estate service trustee centers or typing centers:

  • Visit a nearby center
  • Submit necessary paperwork
  • Enter transaction data into the system, which is then checked and approved
  • Pay the fee
  • Receive the contract and the contract registration certificate

Apply for Ejari Online

Do you want to know how to get Ejari online? For a swift and convenient process, you can register your tenancy contract through DLD’s official website, which operates the Ejari system. 

For Ejari online registration 2024, you can also use the Dubai REST App or Dubai Now App. Follow these steps to complete the tenancy contract registration process via the apps.

  • Download the 'Dubai REST' app onto your device.
  • Access the 'Services' section and opt for 'RERA'
  • Choose 'Initiate Ejari Registration.'
  • Provide accurate details in the form and upload the required documents.
  • Click 'Submit' to finalize the application.
  • The landlord or owner must validate the tenant’s registration using the Dubai REST app.
  • Upon approval, proceed to make the Ejari registration payment within the app.
  • Instantly receive your Ejari contract within the 'Dubai REST' application.

Your Ejari contract must clearly outline all deposits, contract duration, and rent amounts.

How to renew the Ejari certificate?

You must provide the documents you submitted while registering for the Ejari contract renewal. If a real estate agent manages your property, they can facilitate the renewal process on your behalf. Otherwise, you can also do an Ejari online renewal. Log in to the DLD website or the Ejari app and submit the required document. Then, you have to pay the renewal fee and fill out the form. Note that your tenancy contract in Dubai needs to be renewed every year. 

Documents Required for Ejari

These are the documents required to register your Ejari contract:

  • Tenant’s Emirates ID
  • Original signed tenancy contract 
  • Tenant’s passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Security deposit receipt
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Copies of landlord’s passport (if individual)
  • Copy of title deed of the rented property
  • DEWA bill and previous Ejari if you are renewing
  • Trade license (in the case of commercial properties)
  • 9-digit DEWA Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills/Green bill accepted)
  • Copy of a valid power of attorney document (if a PoA has signed the contract). PoA documents must be renewed every year to remain valid.

What is the Ejari cost?

In Dubai, the fees for registering your tenancy contract with Ejari vary based on the application method, whether it's conducted online or offline. Below, you'll find a breakdown of the detailed Ejari fees.

For online registration:

When registering an Ejari contract online, the cost will be AED 155, excluding VAT, and includes the following additional fees:

  • AED 10 Knowledge fee
  • AED 10 Innovation fee

Through trustee centers:

For those opting to register an Ejari contract through real estate services trustee centers, the total cost will be AED 219.75, including VAT.

FAQs About Ejari

What is the need for Ejari?

You need the Ejari registration in Dubai before signing a new tenancy contract. The certificate is required for various associated formalities, including:

  • Residence visas (new applications and renewals)
  • Telephone/television/internet connection
  • Commercial license acquisition
  • Domestic staff employment
  • Alcohol license acquisition
  • Electricity and water connections

How do I download an Ejari certificate?

Visit dubailand.gov.ae, click Download Ejari Certificate, add your contact number and a ‘DEWA Premise Number’ or ‘Municipality Number,’ and click ‘Download PDF.’

What is an Ejari number?

Once the tenancy contract is logged into the system, a unique Ejari number is assigned.

Where can I find Ejari typing centers in Dubai?

Here is a list of the Ejari typing centers in Dubai, located in different areas:

  • Al Tabu Real Estate Trustee Services - Al Qusais 2
  • Al Manara Real Estate Registration Trustee - Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Al Taresh Real Estate Services - Al Kifaf Center
  • Takhlees Government Service - Deira
  • Afnan Real Estate Registration Trustee - Garhoud

How do I cancel an Ejari contract?

Landlords are responsible for canceling the contract when a tenant moves out. RERA mandates Ejari cancellation before a new registration can take place.

Can I get Ejari for a hotel apartment in Dubai?

Yes, those leasing hotel apartments should submit their tenancy documents to the GDRFA instead of the Land Department.

What is the processing time for obtaining Ejari? 

After completing the registration, you can expect to receive the official Ejari contract, including all terms and conditions and a unique Ejari ID, within one to two working days if you apply through the website and instantly through the Dubai REST application. Subsequently, you will receive a text message guiding you through the setup of your DEWA connection.

What is the difference between tenancy and Ejari?

Tenancy is the broader concept representing the rental relationship, while Ejari is the specific registration system implemented to formalize and document tenancy contracts in Dubai. Both are integral to the rental process in the emirate, providing clarity, legal recognition, and protection for both parties involved.

What is the process for the cancellation of Ejari, and why is it necessary?

Once the landlord gets the NOC (No-Objection Certificate) or a cancellation letter, they can either visit any of the Ejari offices in Dubai or download the cancellation form online, completing it with the required information. The cancellation fee is AED 30, and the process is typically concluded within an hour after submitting all necessary documents.

The responsibility for canceling the Ejari falls on the landlord, and it should be done promptly when a tenant vacates the property. This is essential to maintaining a single Ejari registration per property. The landlord has to cancel the previous Ejari to avoid registration issues for the new tenant.

If you have further queries about the Ejari service or registering a tenancy contract in Dubai, contact the authorities at the DLD toll-free number: 800-4488.

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