Why Dubai is the Best Place to be During the World Cup?

October 05, 2022

Get your football jerseys on and prepare for the excitement ahead!

As the Qatar World Cup 2022 approaches, thousands of travelers will be staying in neighboring nations. As Dubai and Doha are close together, they make this an ideal place for fans to get settled before the match, and with Air Arabia and flydubai operating more than 45 shuttle flights from Dubai and Sharjah to Doha, the UAE has become an appealing destination for fans looking to attend a match.


For the time being, reservations for lodging in Qatar cannot be made to avoid price increases and guarantee that there will be enough accommodations for representatives from the press, government officials, sponsors, and football teams. Cast your eyes farther afield, to places like Dubai, if you want to find housing sooner. There will be long-stay alternatives available for supporters because many soccer fans want to take full advantage of the celebrations. The world cup accommodation in Qatar has already sold out. Many fans are now booking their accommodations in Dubai. As November approaches, short-term rentals in Dubai for the World Cup are expected to fill up.


With only a limited number of accommodations in Qatar, staying "near the ball" in Dubai is a highly appealing choice, not only due to its nearness to the football event but also because Dubai itself has so much to give. You'll enjoy all the facilities and amenities and comforts of a modern-day tourist, getting more value for your money with enough left over to make your trip truly incredible, thanks to Dubai's many budget-friendly accommodation options.

Over 1.8 million ticket requests were received when the initial sales for the 2022 Qatar Cup began. Whether or not the ticket requests are granted, the Middle Eastern region is predicted to bring together over a million people from across the world for the love of soccer.


So Why Stay in Dubai?

Dubai, also known as the City of Gold, is brimming with skyscrapers, remarkable landmarks, pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and safe residential and commercial residences. Staying in Dubai is like experiencing life to the fullest. This city has endless adventures and mind-blowing experiences to offer thanks to its festivals, events, and urban lifestyle.

Furthermore, A variety of places across Dubai will be showcasing the matches, whether you prefer watching from the comfort of your hotel room, or outdoors with a nice meal, or prefer a nice cold drink with friends, you can be guaranteed that football culture in Dubai is not hard to find. In terms of accommodation options in Dubai, the selection is endless. From five-star hotels to short-term or holiday homes. Moreover, If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a hotel in Dubai, there are many options for short-term rentals. Primestay holiday homes are part of Provident’s family, with primestay you can usually expect to get more for your money.

In addition to looking for Fifa World Cup Dubai hotels, here are some Primestays holiday homes in prime locations for fans to enjoy popular attractions, restaurants, bars, and the all-important Soccer Thrill!


The World Cup 2022 will take place on the largest stage ever built. Millions of people will be watching Qatar, and you can be right in the middle of the action. Think about the endless possibilities here in Dubai when planning your trip to Dubai and the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

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