Your Journey to Dubai: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

June 12, 2023

Dubai, an urban center of limitless opportunities, attracts expatriates worldwide with its thriving culture and economy. Dubai offers a diverse community that welcomes newcomers seeking job opportunities, a change of lifestyle, and a reputation as a global business and tourism hub, as over 80% of its population comprises expatriates.

Preparing for your relocation to Dubai is essential, and there are many factors to consider, including visa requirements, choices for housing, transportation, education, healthcare, banking, local laws, customs, and language. We’ve compiled essential information and tips to help you navigate your new life in Dubai.

Visa: The Gateway to Dubai:

Acquiring a valid visa is the first stage of your Dubai voyage. Visa processes can be complex, so it is essential to understand the requirements and necessary steps. Different visa categories, such as work visas, student visas, and family visas, are suited to various situations. Typically, an employer will sponsor you for a work visa and handle responsibility for the 4-6 week visa application process.


Getting Around: Enjoy Your Independence:

Dubai provides a variety of transportation alternatives that make city navigation simple. Obtaining a driver’s license is simple, and international licenses are accepted. The well-developed public transport system consists of buses, metro, and taxis, with the metro being the most efficient and seamless connector between various areas. Additionally, popular ridesharing services such as Uber and Careem are widely accessible.

Weather: Enjoy the Changes:

Dubai is known for its humid and sunny climate, with summertime highs of 50 degrees Celsius. However, don’t worry! The winter months provide respite, with pleasant average temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. The climate of the desert features scorching summers, mild winters, and occasional humidity. Take advantage of the year-round pleasant weather by engaging in outdoor activities in the winter and interior activities such as shopping, visiting museums, and dining in the summer.


Invest in Your Education and Health Care for Your Future:

Dubai offers a variety of educational opportunities, including international, private, and public schools. In general, international schools adhere to the curriculum of the student’s native countries, whereas private and public schools adopt curriculum from the local community. Dubai offers reputable hospitals and clinics equipped with cutting-edge technologies and managed by highly trained medical experts. Research healthcare options in your desired area to ensure they meet your family’s needs.

Bank Accounts: Economic Convenience:

Numerous banks in Dubai make it easy to open a bank account, with services including debit and credit cards, internet banking, and direct debits. Non-resident accounts have lesser withdrawal limits and higher fees than resident accounts. Non-residents can open offshore accounts offering limited services, higher fees, and withdrawal and deposit limits. Prepare the necessary documents, such as verification of identity and income, and a minimum deposit may be required by some banks.

Local Laws: Respect the Culture:

As an expat in Dubai, you should familiarise yourself with local laws and regulations. The legal system of Dubai is based on Islamic law, which stresses the significance of respecting local rules and traditions. Respect local cultural norms by dressing modestly in public areas, consuming alcohol only in designated areas, and maintaining a respectful demeanor. Understanding and adhering to the legal system ensures a pleasant experience and prevents potential complications.

Language: Embrace Multiculturalism:

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where the official language is Arabic, but English is extensively spoken. Business and official communication are predominantly conducted in English, making it easier for expatriates to interact. The diversified expat population fosters an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Engage with English-speaking communities, expat groups, and foreign schools to form long-lasting friendships.

Embrace Customs and Traditions: Cultural Sensitivity:

Due to Dubai’s diverse culture and history, local customs and traditions must be respected. Observe traditional attire codes, embrace food and drinking customs, and recognise the significance of Ramadan. Practising social etiquette, such as avoiding public displays of affection and respecting gender norms, enhances integration into the local community, easing your transition to life in Dubai.

Housing Options: Embrace Your Ideal Home:

Villas, townhomes, and apartments are among the housing alternatives available in Dubai. Villas offer ample space and seclusion but are comparatively more costly. Townhouses balance space and community, whereas apartments provide affordability at the expense of space and privacy. Each neighbourhood has distinctive qualities that appeal to various preferences, such as proximity to the city centre, family-friendly environments, and secluded neighbourhoods.


Moving to Dubai is going to be a thrilling and rewarding experience. It is an ideal destination for expats due to its blend of modern amenities and traditional character. Armed with the shared information, seize every opportunity to make the most of this vibrant city home to many expatriates.

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