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Dubai Apartments

Dubai is a global hub for business, commerce, and tourist attractions. With a lot of things in store for people from different walks of life and parts of the world, it is touted as the city of dreams. Hence, whether you’re planning for a short or long trip, or you want to migrate here, there’s always a place to stay that will meet your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Unlike hotels, apartments in Dubai Real Estate provide visitors with more privacy and flexibility; thus, making them your home away from home. However, if you’re someone who wants to embark on an investment venture, the sky is the limit when it comes to the types of apartments you can rent or buy. And the best part is that you can have peace of mind to get high return on investment.

Let’s check out below a few options available in Dubai:

  • Dubai Furnished Apartments
  • Holiday Apartments
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Studio Apartments
  • Hotel Apartments
  • Beach Apartments

The above mentioned apartments are available on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis rent.

In case of buying and renting the apartments, it would completely depend on your requirements whether short-term or long-term and your financial capacity. There is no shortage of apartments for both the options, and in many areas of Dubai, expats or foreign investment in the real estate market are accepted with open hands.

Furnished Apartments in Dubai are the preferable choice for short-term visitors. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all the essential amenities. The major areas of Dubai that offer such furnished apartments are Dubai Marina and Palm Island.

Holiday Apartments in Dubai are perfect for tourists, as they are available on a weekly or daily basis. They are also well-equipped with all essential amenities.

Luxury Apartments in Dubai are mostly preferred by wealthy people. In this city, these are fully equipped with amenities and come complete with world-class facilities that are not easily available in other apartments.

Serviced Apartments in Dubai are another good option for a short stay and are affordable compared to 5-star hotels. Some serviced apartments in the emirate, which are associated with big hotel chains, are also available even for 1 night.

Studio Apartments in Dubai are a preferable choice for single working individuals. In case they wish to share the same with colleagues and friends, they can consider moving to a bigger apartment.

Dubai, in recent years, has become a hot spot for tourists, investors, and job seekers. This is why there’s also a growing demand for these short-term accommodations. In fact, they are now the fastest growing segments of the real estate market.