5 Types of Villas & Townhouses You Will Find in Dubai

June 14, 2021

The luxury and allure of the villa and townhouse lifestyle in Dubai is coveted by many! These are beautiful dwellings that come with their exclusive set of amenities and facilities.

Villas, in particular, are favoured by residents who want detached units and surrounded by open green spaces. Townhouses, too, are very much in demand in Dubai. These multi-storey units are available in different layouts.

Both these property types are suitable for bigger families and come in various styles and designs. Let’s take a look at 5 types of villas and townhouses you will find in Dubai:

Popular Types of Villas and Townhouses in Dubai

1. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style originated in the 1920s. It reflects grandeur and splendour. This style is basically a blend of Italian and Spanish architecture and usually found in warm locations, such as Dubai.

Along with their grandeur, Mediterranean-style villas and townhouses in Dubai exude elegance and class. There’s an element of simplicity in their design that makes them much more appealing.

Generally, Mediterranean-style homes are divided into three categories. These are:

  • Italian Renaissance: It draws inspiration from structures and buildings that were built during the Italian Renaissance. Columns and rounded arches identify this particular style.
  • Spanish Revival: This style is inspired by Spanish colonial architecture. Usually, villas and townhouses built as per this design have simple and clean lines, while the roof is low-pitched.
  • Modern Mediterranean: It features conventional characteristics of Mediterranean-style houses, but there is a modern touch to it. Traces of Spanish and Italian influences are evident in housing units designed as per the Modern Mediterranean style.


2. Contemporary

Defining contemporary design is interestingly tricky since it is always evolving. What’s considered contemporary today may not fit the definition of this term in a few years. The same goes for contemporary architecture.

In simple words, contemporary villas and townhouses in Dubai reflect the architecture of the modern world, not ‘modern’ architecture. Bear in mind that there’s a difference between modern and contemporary architecture. Modern architecture actually dates back to the era between the 1920s and 1950s when housing units with clean lines and minimalism were popular. Contemporary style, on the other hand, refers to the evolving architectural styles prevalent in the 21st century. A villa or townhouse having a contemporary design can be a blend of two different designs and have an element of innovation in it.


3. Arabic

It is one of the most popular architecture styles you will find in Dubai as well as in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as well. Arabic-style villas and townhouses are famous for their magnificence and splendour. Houses built as per this style have spacious rooms, domed ceilings, and large windows. Furthermore, they are adorned with huge chandeliers, shiny floors and intricate railings.

However, Arabic-style townhouses and villas in Dubai are often a beautiful and splendid blend of old and new Arabic designs. You will find some elements of modernism in these properties in the form of bold colours. Some villas also have covered patios, a perfect place to place your outdoor furniture.


4. Spanish

Spanish-style villas and townhouses refer to Spanish Colonial housing units that first surfaced during the 1600s. However, this architectural design is widely popular today. These homes have ornate archways, classic wooden-beam roofs and small windows. Furthermore, they are recognised by their white stucco, thick walls and adobe brickwork.

Due to their thick, stuccoed walls, Spanish-style homes are popular in areas with warmer climate, such as the UAE. These thick walls act as an additional layer of insulation to the properties. They provide protection against heat as it gets absorbed by the walls.

When it comes to ornamentation, Spanish-style homes are rather designed in a simple manner. They usually are single-storey units with elaborate arches, entryways and interior hallways. The most prominent feature, however, is wooden support beams. A house having these beams is a clear giveaway that it’s a Spanish-style property. Some Spanish villas also have inner courtyards.


5. Classic Design

This particular style of architecture originated from the ancient Romans and Greek. It depicts the luxurious and lavish lifestyle that was prevalent in that era.

Generally, classic villas and townhouses are architectured by following three rules, which Roman architect Vitruvius outlined. These rules are

  • Solidness
  • Usefulness
  • Beauty

You will find these elements in every villa and townhouse having a classic design. These houses boast an exceptional aesthetic appeal, exude elegance and lavishness, and are designed to offer a luxurious lifestyle. They beautifully portray the rich lifestyle and culture in the emirate.


Final Thoughts

No matter what architectural design a villa or townhouse features, you can rest assured that these properties offer an exclusive lifestyle, full of comfort, convenience and luxuries. Contact Provident Estate if you want the listings for the best villas and townhouses in Dubai.

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