Dubai's Property Market: The Ultimate Haven for High-Net-Worth Investors

May 30, 2024

Dubai has long been a prime destination for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) interested in real estate. The city’s dynamic property market continues to attract significant investment from the world's wealthiest, driven by its unmatched lifestyle, security, and investment potential.

According to a new report, HNWIs are all set to invest billions of dollars in Dubai's real estate market in 2024. Let’s find out what the market share of the millionaires in the emirate is and how Dubai’s luxury market has garnered the interest of the world’s wealthiest investors.

High-Net-Worth Individuals: A Key Player in Dubai's Real Estate Market

According to a new report, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from around the world are anticipated to invest AED 16 billion ($4.4 billion) in Dubai's property market in 2024. The survey also suggested that the UAE is expected to experience a 39% rise in HNWIs by 2026, surpassing 228,000.

Moreover, data by Henley & Partners and New World Wealth, which track private wealth and global investment trends, has revealed that Dubai has the largest population of resident millionaires (72,500) in the Middle East. Over the past decade, Dubai has experienced a remarkable 78% increase in its millionaire population.

The report also ranked the city as the 21st wealthiest globally and suggested that this ultra-modern emirate would continue its ascent as a wealth magnet, expected to break into the 'Top 20' in the coming years.

Survey results indicate that ultra-wealthy buyers are investing in Dubai properties for various reasons, such as having a second home, capital gains through holiday home rentals, or diversifying their investment portfolios.

In the first quarter of 2024, sales of homes in Dubai valued at $10 million or more increased by 6% compared to the previous year. Demand from international ultra-rich buyers for properties in the emirate remains robust, with a total of 105 homes sold from January to March, totaling $1.73 billion.

8 Reasons HNWIs Purchasing Luxurious Dubai Homes

The post-pandemic era has seen a notable increase in interest from millionaires worldwide in Dubai's property market. As Dubai continues to attract new residents, the demand for properties with value-added features, such as superior amenities, fully or partially furnished units, and more spacious dwellings, is increasing. Here are some of the reasons why Dubai continue to attract the ultra-rich from around the globe.

Why Dubai's Property Market Appeals to Global HNWIs | Provident Estate

High Returns on Investments

Investors view Dubai's property market as a goldmine primarily due to its exceptional rental yields. The thriving tourism sector and the growing number of expatriates have generated a strong demand for rental properties in Dubai. According to the Provident Market Report 2023, Dubai's rental market saw an upward trend, with 205,346 new rental contracts signed and 293,624 renewed.

Safety and Security

The UAE is known for its safety and security, with Dubai being the safest city globally. The Emirates' low crime rate makes it a preferred choice for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) to invest and live.

The UAE government has implemented stringent laws and regulations to maintain order and stability in the country. Expatriates find peace of mind knowing that Dubai's authorities prioritize people's safety and well-being.

Tax Benefits

Dubai's tax benefits are a major draw for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking favorable financial conditions. The city's tax-free income policy, along with no capital gains or inheritance taxes, presents a lucrative opportunity for wealth management and asset protection. 

Long-Term Visa Programs

In recent years, the government has introduced various investor visas, which provide many benefits to foreign investors planning to move to the city. Long-term residency programs, such as the Dubai Golden Visa and Green Visa, enable property investors to establish permanent residency in the country.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Dubai offers a luxurious lifestyle that is unparalleled, attracting discerning individuals from around the world. From extravagant shopping destinations like the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates to lavish dining experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants, the city is a playground for those seeking opulence.

The skyline is adorned with iconic skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and exclusive beach resorts, catering to every indulgence. These luxurious amenities attract high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in search of an elevated lifestyle.

World-Class Infrastructure

Dubai is known for its world-class infrastructure, including modern transportation systems, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and excellent educational institutions, which enhance the city's appeal to HNWIs looking for a high-quality lifestyle.

Rapidly Growing Real Estate Market

Dubai's economy is growing steadily, driven by various sectors such as tourism, real estate, and finance, providing HNWIs with investment opportunities in a dynamic and thriving market.

There is an array of luxury properties in Dubai to choose from. The world’s ultra-rich can choose from various property types, from branded residences in Dubai to vacation homes, catering to their diverse preferences.

Sustainability Measures

The UAE has taken various steps towards sustainable development. The recent eco-friendly initiative in the UAE is introducing the blue residency visa, a program for those making remarkable contributions to environmental preservation.

Overall, the Dubai property market's combination of high returns, world-class infrastructure, safety and security, tax benefits, luxurious lifestyle, diverse property options, and a growing economy makes it an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals seeking lucrative investment opportunities.


Jumeirah Bay Island, also called Billionaires Island draws the attention of the super-rich big time. Moreover, Emirates Hills, known as Dubai's Beverly Hills, is also a popular community for billionaires to live in dubai. Besides these super luxury neighborhoods, Dubai South, Dubai Hills Estate, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Tilal Al Ghaf are other areas where millionaires and billionaires are placing their bets

1. Pavel Durov
2. Nassef Sawiris
3. M.A. Yusuff Ali
4. Hussain Sajwani
5. Renuka Jagtiani
6. Joy Alukkas
7. Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair & family
8. Naguib Sawiris
9. Shamsheer Vayalil
10. Abdulla Al Futtaim & family

HNWIs typically consider factors such as location, property type (residential or commercial), potential for capital appreciation, rental yields, market trends, legal regulations, and the reputation of developers. They also often seek expert advice to ensure their investment aligns with their financial goals and risk appetite.

Diversify your investment portfolio across different types of properties and locations within Dubai. Also, conduct thorough due diligence, including market research, financial analysis, and legal checks. Additionally, invest through reputable developers and a reputable real estate agent   in Dubai, and consider using financial instruments like insurance and derivatives to hedge against market risks.

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