All About the New RTA Nol Card Offering Discounts of up to AED 17000

June 13, 2024

Dubai has emerged as a premier destination for tourists, residents, and citizens, driven by the government's unwavering commitment and relentless efforts to promote the tourism industry. The UAE government has introduced a new card named “Nol Travel”. On June 10, 2024, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched this multifaceted card offering massive discounts and amazing experiences across the city.
The new RTA Nol card is a comprehensive payment solution for public transport fares, parking fees, and leisure activities. Whether catching a metro, renting a bike, or paying for parking, this card simplifies transactions while enriching your urban adventure. Here are all the details about Dubai's new Nol card offering AED 17000 in discounts.

An Array of Benefits and Discounts of the New RTA Nol Card

The Nol Travel card offers cardholders significant discounts. Users can enjoy Nol card Dh17000 savings on various products and services, along with 5% to 10% Nol card retail discounts in Dubai at numerous hotels, retail outlets, and entertainment venues. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant cityscape or indulging in luxurious experiences, the Dubai public transport card makes it more accessible and affordable. The package comprises 100 promotions spanning 50 brands available at 65 outlets throughout the city.

Initially available at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and select partner outlets such as Zoom and Europcar, the card is priced at AED 200 for the first year, including a starting balance of AED 19. The renewal cost after the first year is only AED 150, ensuring continued savings and convenience.

A Commitment to Integration and Customer Satisfaction

The Nol Travel card is part of Dubai's broader vision to integrate city services and Dubai public transport infrastructure into a unified payment platform. Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO of the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector at RTA, emphasized that the card is designed to meet the evolving needs of Dubai’s diverse population, ensuring over 100% potential savings through its exclusive offers.
Salahaldeen Almarzouqi, Director of the Automated Collection Systems Department, noted that while the card is currently physical, plans are underway to introduce a digital version for greater convenience. He also mentioned that RTA is considering options to allow users to transfer their balance from existing Nol Cards to new Nol Travel cards.

 Unlock AED 17,000 Discounts With New RTA Nol Card | Provident Estate

New RTA Nol Card: Expanding Partnerships

The Nol Travel card already boasts over 100 partners across various sectors, including dining and entertainment, with more expected to join. This growing network ensures that cardholders will continually find new ways to save while enjoying the best of what Dubai has to offer. 
Stay connected and explore more about Nol card discounts 2024 and how Dubai is paving the way for smarter, more convenient urban living. Experience the city like never before with the Nol Travel card, your essential companion for both daily commutes and exciting adventures.

FAQs About Dubai's New Nol Card Launch

The new Nol Travel card doesn’t have any discounts for students. However, a separate scheme will roll out in September 2024 for students. The card will be used as an internationally accepted student ID card and it will offer access to an array of services and discounts worldwide.

Discover the benefits of being a NOL Travel card holder with exclusive discounts at:

  • Swiss Hotel restaurants
  • Dubai Ladies Club
  • Health First Pharmacies
  • Rayna Tours
  • Emaar At the Top
  • The View at Palm Jumeirah
  • Bab Al Qasr Hotel restaurants
  • G-Shock Watches
  • Sharaf Retail
  • And many more

There are different types of Dubai public transport cards available including Nol Silver Card, Nol Gold Card, Red Ticket, and Personal Card.

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