Why Should You Invest In Dubai’s Off-Plan Market?

November 19, 2019

If you are considering a property investment in Dubai, let me explain why off-plan is your ideal money-making investment option.

What is Off-Plan?

In Dubai’s real estate market, off-plan and ready are the two main types of properties available. Ready refers to those which have completed the development phase and are ready for occupancy.

Off-plan properties are those whose construction is yet to begin and/or are under construction.

Some of the key off-plan property market players include Emaar, Meraas and Dubai Properties. If you want the best returns, these developers have the perfect communities and projects with a great reputation in the market.

Why Off-Plan Properties?

Off-plan property investments have many reasons that work in their favour.

  • Off-plan properties require a smaller down payment compared to ready properties
  • Developers have great incentives for buyers
  • Flexible payment plans with post-handover payment options
  • Easy on your finances
  • Higher rental yields on off-plan properties
  • High capital gain over time
  • Great mortgage options available from banks
  • Buyer protection laws by Dubai’s Government
  • A wider variety of properties available

How to buy an off-plan property in Dubai?

  • The process is an easy one but can be quite a hassle without the right agent to guide you through. Transparent, knowledgeable and set to make your life easier, our expert agents are well versed with the entire process.
  • Once you choose the right agent, pick the right property with their expert advice. You can choose between residential and commercial off-plan projects, in an area of your preference.
  • Reserve your property with a holding period of 24 hours – 2 weeks (MAX). Provide your passport, Emirates ID and Visa to our agents to process the payment link. Pay the non-refundable reservation fee (AED 20K – 40K) direct to the developer) and sign the reservation form.
  • Pay the deposit amount and sign the SPA. Voila! You have just purchased your dream off-plan property, guaranteed to get you amazing returns.

This is where Provident comes in. We can help you with the entire process at every step. We will provide you with an in-depth reputation for each developer and get you the best deals. You can avail financing options from Premier  Property Finance, our subsidiary mortgage company. If you are an investor, our property management department can take care of your property while you enjoy your life without any worries.

If you are interested to know more about the best off-plan projects in the market, please contact us at Provident. We will provide the best options for your investment.

For more information, get in touch with us at Provident